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Steamy Kitchen

Steamy Kitchen

Author: Jaden Hair


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Steamy Kitchen is a fabulous food blog authored by Jaden Hair, a food writer and cooking instructor specializing in Modern Asian Cooking - fast, fresh and simple enough for tonight's supper. Steamy is Jaden's playground - featuring delicious recipes, beautiful food photography that's sure to leave you drooling all over your keyboard, and amusing adventures in the kitchen.

Most of the recipes at Steamy Kitchen are Asian, but you'll also find a sprinkling of foods and treats from all over the world. Enjoy!

About the Author:

Jaden Hair was born in Hong Kong, but raised in the mid-western United States (Nebraska) - where authentic Asian ingredients were scarce! Her mother learned to adapt Western ingredients with Asian cooking techniques to create wonderful meals for the family at home. Now Jaden's greatest love is Modern Asian Home Cooking...a colorful explosion of Asian and Western fresh flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques for the at-home cook.

Jaden also teached hands-on cooking classes at the Chef's Table in Sarasota, Florida, The Rolling Pin in Brandon, Florida and at the Epicurean Culinary Academy in Los Angeles, California.