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10 Creative Tropical Summer Party Ideas (Part 2)

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Tropical Party Ideas Table and Bar

Tropical Party Ideas, Continued…

Here we go with Part 2 of our Tropical Vibes Party, this time covering tips 6 – 10! If you haven’t checkout out Part 1 of this post yet, click here to head over there when you’re ready for more inspiration. 😊

tropical party monster leaf decorations

#6. Tropical Leaves Galore

When I think “Tropical” for a party, the first thing that comes to mind is fruity drinks, and the second thing is giant leaves! Monstera leaves in particular… followed by other tropical foliage… and palm trees, of course.

Use tropical leaves as table runners and placemats for all sorts of things at your party (from place settings to bar elements to food trays and more). You can also use them to adorn doors, fireplaces, chairs, etc. I use removable, 3D adhesive dots to make them stick to a variety of surfaces.

tropical party bar and cocktails

tropical party table and place settings

#7. Set a Colorful Table

This tropics-inspired tablescape is casual, colorful, AND super easy to recreate. The disposable plates are even made out of fallen palm leaves! I designed pineapple and watermelon shaped printables to add a big pop of color and fun to each place setting, and cut them out by hand.

The textured “tablecloth” is actually 2 curtain panels, layered over a 6-foot table. They were purchased from a discount store for $19 total, which is way less than it would be to buy – or even rent – an actual table linen with this look!

I used tropical leaves to make a “runner” and painted a few of them for variety. The centerpiece is a yellow flamingo inserted into a basket filled with floral foam. (The basket was $3 at Target.) I hid the floral foam with a layer of black sand. I also let the flamingo borrow one of my necklaces for the occasion. ;)

Tropical Party Printables

My Tropical Bash printables are available in our store in 2 versions: Cocktail/Birthday and Bridal Shower! Use them to add instant style and personalized details to your party. 🙌 You can edit the custom text yourself – right on the website – whenever (and as often as) you need to!

Tropical Bash Printables

watermelon place settings tropical summer party

tropical party pool floats

#8. Pool Floats = Party!

There’s something about giant pool floats that just feels like a party… whether you have a pool or not! They add a big burst of fun to any setting, and you can use them as photo booth props, party decor, and more. I’ve even had a few parties where they’ve sat by the front door and “greeted” guests as they arrive! We had a watermelon, toucan, pineapple, and giant flamingo at this party, and they made for some of my very favorite pics!

flamingo flower arrangement

#9. Flowers + Flamingos

Colorful flower arrangements look even more festive with a flamingo peeking out, don’t you think? ;) Lawn flamingos are available in a variety of sizes and colors online, and I decided to go with yellow and white flamingos to mix things up this time.

All of the beautiful flowers are from my local grocery store and Sam’s Club. You can find some amazing flowers inaccessible places during the summer! I usually buy flowers that come in individual small bunches (meaning that aren’t already arranged into bouquets) and looked for elements that matched the color palette and/or felt tropical and summery.

tropical flower and flamingo centerpiece

If you’re not used to arranging your own flowers, it helps to “bunch” different flowers and greenery together while you shop. This helps you figure out if you have a good mix already or could use more of a certain color, foliage, etc. I was especially excited to find a couple bunches of Craspedia (these yellow ball looking flowers) and somehow scored a big bouquet of white peonies for only $11! (These are usually more like $7+ per stem.) Yellow snapdragons and leafy tropical stems were great for adding height to the larger arrangements.

Rosé All Day sign

#10. Yes Way, Frosé!

We talked about island-inspired cocktails already, but another drink that says “summer party” to me is Frosé! There’s something about the “Rosé All Day” vibe that just makes me think of vacation and relaxing in the summer sun… and since the summer sun is so HOT – putting a frozen – or frosé – twist on things is especially fitting!

You can use the Master of Mixes Frosé Mixer to easily make and serve blended Frosés for your guests, or serve them on the rocks from a shaker or big-batch pitcher.

Master of Mixes Frosé

Hope these ideas help bring your own tropical party dreams to life! This is one of those themes that absolutely everyone seems to enjoy… guys and girls, kids and adults, parents and grandparents alike. So CHEERS to that – and to lots more summer fun to come!

P.S. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of this post yet, click here to head over there now. You’ll find more tropical drink ideas, flamingos, festive fruit platter ideas, and more!

tropical cocktail party ideas


Disclosure: I’ve teamed up with Master of Mixes on this post and other creative ideas this year. You can learn more about our current partnership right here. Heartfelt thanks to our readers for supporting the brands that make it possible to keep sending creative inspiration your way. 💛

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