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12 Easy Pirate Party Food Ideas

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Pirate Skeleton Bones

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Parties are the perfect excuse to get creative and playful with your food! And you don’t have to be an amazing cook or pro baker to do it either…

These 12 Easy Pirate Party Food Ideas (from an amazing birthday party styled by the talented Jen Carver) are a PERFECT example. Most of them are everyday snacks that have simply been given creative names. YEP – it can be as easy as that! 🙌

Of course, displaying those clever names on cute themed labels – like the Tent Cards from our Pirate Birthday collection used here – definitely adds a little something extra. 😉🤩

Pirate Treasure Map String Cheese

12 Easy Pirate Party Food Ideas

1. Skeleton Bones
(shown in the first image)
Also known as – yogurt covered pretzels 🥨

2. Treasure Maps 
Also known as – string cheese 🧀
Use red & black sharpies to draw little “x marks the spot” designs directly onto the packaging!

3. Golden Nuggets
Also known as – various gold-wrapped chocolates like Rolos, Werthers, and Hershey NUGGETS Milk Chocolate with Almonds 🍫

Pirate Golden Nuggets

4. Polly’s Crackers
You guessed it… put this label on any of your favorite crackers and done! 🙌 A stuffed parrot is such a cute touch here if you’ve got one. 🦜

Pirate Polly’s Crackers

5. Peg Legs
Also known as – pretzel sticks 🏴‍☠️

Pirate Peg Leg Pretzels

6. Fish and Chips
Also known as – potato chips and goldfish crackers
(You can also serve the *real* fish and chips entrée of course, but this is such a clever idea for something quick!)

Pirate Fish & Chips

7. Scurvy Dogs
Also known as – hot dogs! 😆
I love how Jen pre-set the hot dog buns up here with printable sails from the birthday collection. 🏴‍☠️

Pirate Scurvy Dogs

8. Catch of the Day
Also known as – Swedish Fish
You can use ANY favorite fish-shaped candy here, though – or any flavor of goldfish crackers! 🐠

Pirate Catch of the Day

9. Cannon Balls
Also known as – donut holes
Other fitting options for a “Cannon Balls” label: chocolate donut holes, Whoppers, black gumballs, chocolate cake balls, etc.

Pirate Cannon Balls

10. “X Marks the Spot” Treasure Maps
Also known as – Rice Krispie treats
This one takes a little more work, but is still totally doable! To make them yourself, cut Rice Krispie treats into rectangles and brush the top with melted butterscotch chips or chocolate melting candy tinted brown. Embellish with *gold* sprinkles, a royal icing red X, and “treasure map marks” drawn with an edible marker.

Pirate X Marks the Spot Krispy Treats

11. Fruit Swords
Also known as – fruit slid onto mini plastic sword cocktail picks 🍓🍍🍇🗡

Pirate Fruit Swords

12. *Walk the Plank* Chocolate
Also known as – KitKat bars!
Other fitting foods for a “Walk the Plank” label: chocolate wafer cookies, Hershey bars, graham crackers, etc.

Pirate Walk the Plank Chocolate

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