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wine tasting tips If you appreciate a good glass of wine, but are somewhat lost when it comes to anything wine-related other than how your tastebuds are reacting to the current glass in your hand, there’s a great article from Sunset Magazine that is definitely worth checking out. In "Taste Wine Like a Pro ", Sunset wine editor Sara Schneider offers invaluable insight on things like how to pick wine out at a supermarket, how to store wine if you don’t have a cellar, and "what are legs ?". Haven’t the foggiest idea? Click here to find out !

{Article excerpt on how to wine taste}
1. Swirl. Gently swirl the wine in the glass to release the aromas.
2. See. Look at the wine’s color; it sets up expectations. Red wine picks up color as it picks up flavor from the skins and seeds. Wine with an intense color is likely to have an intense flavor. Keep in mind that red wine lightens with age, and white wine darkens with age.
3. Sniff. Get your nose in the glass, you can’t be polite about it. The first sniffs tell you the most; it’s best to take a few quick sniffs instead of one long sniff.
4. Sip. Keep the wine in your mouth to taste it for 3 to 4 seconds, swirl it around all over your tongue. Experts pull air through the wine while it’s in their mouths.