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hip hostess series Chambord

I’m excited to share that HWTM is teaming up with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur to host a series of events for readers! For this “Hip Hostess Series“, we’ll be traveling to 7 cities across the US over the next 12 months putting on (free) entertaining workshops/parties where you can pick up tips and ideas for seasonal & holiday entertaining…and indulge in some yummy food and cocktails of course!

The first event is next Thursday, May 22nd in San Diego, and we’ll be covering ideas for throwing “Tropical Zen” summer parties – kind of a fusion of Hawaiian and Asian styles with a contemporary twist. If you’re interested in attending, you can click here to rsvp for the event online (space is limited, so please rsvp soon!). The party stars at 6 o’clock pm and will be held at The Hospitality Room in Balboa Park (near downtown San Diego). Click here for directions.

hip hostess series Chambord

*The next party is scheduled for June 25th in Chicago and will be held at The Ivy Room. Looking forward to meeting some of you in person finally!