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big top circus baby shower

This “Big Top Baby Shower” is another one of the baby shower ideas that I worked on for Parents.com – and it’s also the one that I’m dying to actually try out the most! Chicken fingers and cotton candy at a baby shower? Why not?! You can still make the shower look chic… it’s all about the presentation – and it’s always fun to throw something unexpected at your guests!

There are tons of fun ways to play up a circus theme in general, as well as ways to make it even more “baby shower specific”. For example, add some super-cute plush lions, monkeys, and elephants (which can double as gifts for baby after the party) or mix in some themed baby items like circus-print onesies or this fun Circus Pals Table Feeding Set by Skip Hop.

For more details, check out the full article on Parents.com – and feel free to add more ideas here!