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Easter bunny garland

Here’s another easy Easter project for you: Paper Bunny Garlands!

The best part about this craft is that you can tailor it to any colors & patterns you want… and there are SO many great papers available. I used the new Craft Fair papers from American Crafts™ for this one (and also for the Terra Cotta Easter Baskets featured earlier this week).

I’m actually going to use this as a table runner for Easter. The bunnies are connected with ribbon and can easily be slid apart & adjusted to make room for a centerpiece in the middle.

(Full instructions & downloadable template after the jump.)


Bunny Garland / Table Runner

You’ll Need:
scrapbook paper or cardstock in coordinating patterns & colors
matching ribbon, about 1/2″  – 3/4″ thick
scissors, Xacto knife
bunny template to trace

Find a silhouette of an Easter bunny to trace for your template. Click here to download the template for the bunny shape used here.

Cut the bunny shape out so you  have a template to use for the decorative papers. Trace the bunny template onto the different scrapbook papers, then cut each one out. Create as many paper bunnies as you need to cover the length of your table.

Use an Xacto knife to add 2 parallel slits on either side of the bunny for the ribbon to slide through. Make sure the slits are just slightly larger than your ribbon and spaced around 1″ apart.

Slide the bunnies onto the ribbon, one by one, then lay the runner on your table and adjust the placement of each bunny as necessary. Done!


P.S. You can also use paper bunnies to decorate other areas of your home/Easter party. They look super cute on vases and gift bags or displayed in frames!