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octopus cups

Is it just me, or has there been a noticeable trend in Octopus-inspired products lately? You can find everything from vinyl wall graphics to laptop sleeves to baby onesies donning tentacle-clad motifs these days! Here are 8 cool “octopus design” finds that fall in the entertaining & home accessories categories:

octopus vase and dish scrubbers

1. Octopi Cup by Cake ($15 each at Feel More Human)

2. Mod Octopus Vase/Pitcher by Dovetail ($40 at Feel More Human)

3. Octopus Soap & Scrubbers by AnimalHouse ($5.99 each at Kitchen Kapers)

4. Sucker For You Letterpress Card by Hello! Lucky ($4.50 at Luxe Paperie)

octopus letterpress card

5. Happy Octopus Cake Pan by Nordic Ware ($30 at Parker’s Pantry)

octopus cake pan

6. Sea Life Melamine Dinner Plates by Thomas Paul ($36/set of 4 at Velocity Art and Design)

Thomas Paul sea life plates

7. Deep Water Tea/Coffee Set for 2 by LoucheLab ($60 at Etsy)

octopus coffee/tea set

8. Octopus-inspired Pillows: {clockwise from top left} Octopus Pillow by Thomas Paul ($100 at Velocity Art and Design); Gold Octopus on White Linen by Dermond Peterson ($200 at George Watts); Blue Octopus Hook Pillow ($60 at Gracious Style); and Octopus Cuddle Pillow by BINTH ($60 at BINTH).

octopus pillows - modern