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martha stewart halloween 2009 recipes

Here are a few new-found favorites from Martha that I recently discovered in her “Creepy Treats” gallery… which honestly leans more towards “clever & stylish, with just a dash of creep.” (Except for maybe the Ladies’ Fingers cookies, which easily qualify as full-on creepy!)

1. Devil’s Food Cake with Flame Tuiles –Is is just me, or is this cake more gorgeous than creepy?! This look would actually make for a pretty Thanksgiving or Christmas dessert too.

2. I Scream Sandwitches – “wicked witches” with an eerie tendency to melt!

3. Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes – Pumpkin-flavored cupcakes topped with adorable marzipan pumpkins. Pressed for time? Substitute any ready-made pumpkin candy.

4. Boo-tiful Cake – marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles make for super cute – and super easy – friendly ghost cake toppers!

martha stewart halloween 2009 recipes

5. Sweet Bones – piped meringue makes for a truly bone-chilling treat!

6. Invisible Pops – These “magical” lollipops actually have the look of cool, modern trees… great party favor idea for Halloween and harvest, and woodland-themed parties. (These could be really cute with red, white, and pink candy corn for Valentine’s day too!)

7.  Jack-o’-lantern Tarts – mini-pie tops are the perfect place for Jack to show his face!

8. Brain Cupcakes – witty labeling like “Albert Mindstein” and “Intell E. Gent” makes these clever cupcakes even more hilarious!

See anything here that looks especially tempting to YOU? =)