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gold manzanita branch centerpieces

Continuing with the Oscars party ideas today, here’s some inspiration for glamorous red & gold centerpieces… starting with the gorgeous crystal adorned tree pictured above, which was created by Tic-Tock Couture Florals and is also from our “Old Hollywood Glam” themed Hip Hostess event in LA.

The key word here is INSPIRATION… I’m pretty sure that most of us won’t be creating something of this exact scale for our home parties!

However, the great news is that you can dramatically scale this idea down for your own get togethers – and it’s surprisingly doable. Promise! This exact project was actually part of the party decor demo I did at the event.

gold manzanita branch centerpieces

There are a few different ways to approach smaller versions of this look.

You can use a tall glass or ceramic vase filled with loose, decorated branches or fill a planter-style vase with floral foam to stand and secure 1-2 decorated branches in the center, then cover the floral foam around the branches with a pretty filler like moss, gold stones, red acrylic ice, or a tight “bed” of fresh roses.

Detailed DIY info below…

gold manzanita branch centerpieces



Manzanita or Mitsumata Branches
Gold Spray Paint (unless your branches come pre-painted)
Acrylic Beaded Curtain
Red Roses (with open blooms)
Craft or Floral Wire
Floral Foam (optional)



1. Paint branches gold and let dry.

2. Prep the vase.
• If you’re going for the loose-branch method and using a glass cylinder or other tall vase, try embellishing the vase with a band of ribbon, crystals, or marabou craft boa for some extra flair.
• For the floral foam/vase method, fill the vase with the foam, making sure the fit is snug. If you main foam piece is loose in the vase, add extra pieces around the sides to tighten the fit. If you’re planning to use fresh roses to cover the top of the foam, make sure to use “wet” floral foam so that the roses last longer.

3. Insert the branches into the vase.

4. Decorate the branches.
Start with pieces of the beaded curtain, trimming strands to size and draping randomly all over the branches. Next, trim the stems of the roses to just a couple inches long, then use wire to secure them randomly throughout the branches.

The rose blooms can actually survive for several hours without water, but to be on the safe side I recommend adding them to the arrangements no earlier than 3 hours before your party starts.


Manzanita & Mitsumata branches are widely available online, but you can often also find them in-store at floral supply shops and often even at craft stores like Michaels
• You can sometimes find branches that are pre-painted gold, which will eliminate the need for spray-painting altogether.
One beaded curtain will go a LONG way! You’ll most likely have lots of strands left over, and these extra pieces are great for things like decorating frames, vases, & candle holders, trimming table runners, or wrapping around napkins for DIY napkin rings.


Last but not least, here’s another take on this idea (via Ashley’s Bride Guide) that’s super simple, but still looks fabulous…

gold manzanita branch centerpieces

This version utilizes a glass fishbowl, one smaller gold branch, and just a few flowers. Of course you could still add a few beaded strands to this and a pretty vase filler (I’d recommend “red acrylic ice” to keep with the theme.)

These simpler centerpieces would be great as compliments to larger arrangements, or used just all on their own for a quick & easy solution!