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REAL PARTIES: Woodland Fairy Birthday

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woodland fairy birthday party ideas

I’m seriously blown away by the level of creativity in this adorable Woodland Fairy Birthday Party created by Kate Landers Events, LLC!

From custom fairy frocks and toadstool seats to fairy-friendly treats like “Gnome-Made Granola”, “Pink Acorns”, and “Chipmunk Chips” served in chocolate “nest bowls”, the attention to detail here is AMAZING!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Fun Extra: Kate has also offered to do a special GIVEAWAY for HWTM readers featuring her fabulous customized party products! See details on how to enter at the bottom of the post.

Read on for TONS of pics (nearly 40 of them!) and all the fun party details, as told by Kate

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

It thrills me to share this Woodland Fairy Birthday Party with you! The party took place in the “enchanted” woods of our client’s back yard, and the weather could not have been more beautiful!

The color-scheme was a mix of natural browns & greens, soft creams and whites, and the birthday girl’s favorite colors: pink and red.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The invitations were from Kori and Lindsey‘s darling new line, Paper & Pigtails. Kori graciously re-designed their original woodland fairy invitation into something custom for us in order to match our pink, red, green and brown color scheme – and also to mimic the type of trees the girls would be surrounded by during the party.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Needless to say, they did an amazing job (check out these scallop-edged return address labels!), and we couldn’t be more thrilled with such a perfect introduction to the party theme for the guests.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

All of the other other darling items from Paper & Pigtails that we used in this party – like name tags and custom fairy food signs – are available in their shop!

As with all of my events, I like the children to be encouraged to use their imaginations, and this party was no exception…

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

We wanted each guest to feel as if they were a woodland fairy themselves, so we had Henry & Grace Designs custom created fairy frocks, hair garlands and wands.

They girls would find these items hanging from the trees, standing in a green bubble-glass jug, hiding behind a rock in the woods, or even laying on their plate at the table…finding each piece of their own fairy costume was an activity in and of itself!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Each fairy frock and garland was created using the same materials, all with the lovely green silk vines and pink flowers, but the colors of tulle and ribbon were all unique, so no two were exactly alike.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Ireland’s fairy frock and garland was created using pale pink and ivory.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Violet’s fairy frock and garland was created in a vivid red and rosy pink.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Ava’s fairy frock and garland was created in a rich dark chocolate brown and soft pink.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Elle’s fairy frock and garland (not shown because this birthday girl was already wearing when we were setting up!) was created using the reds and pinks and ivory, and a hint of brown as well. Stunning indeed!

Girls were also each given a pair of our soft felt fairy wings, and let me tell you once they were on, they didn’t come off!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

We wanted a very whimsical feel, so strands of red felt mini bunting were strung casually along the tree branches near the table.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The tablescape was created using a floor length chocolate brown table covering, custom made toad stools were used for seating (yes, red with white spotted pillow tops and ivory “stems” straight to the ground!), and tableware consisted of our favorite Rice melamine soft pink tumblers and plates, along with red flatware and green cloth napkins folded under each plate.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The most precious trio of toad stools, which served as the table centerpiece, was created by the lovely Miss Jane. My personal favorite detail is the fairy door on the largest toadstool, and the pink butterfly on top. Simply charming!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

We created a darling wreath hung by beautiful double-faced pink satin ribbon to hang over the table. It added height to the design and tied the treetops and toad stools together!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Each girl found their name on a darling printed tag (which would also make for a charming cupcake topper!, inside the fairy garland on top of their plate.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The girls enjoyed the most spectacular fairy feast on a table that we designed to mimic the enchanted forest floor. The table was covered with a green moss table runner and personalized with wooden letters for the birthday girl, and food was displayed on wooden “stumps”.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

You might also notice the tall grass, bundles of twigs and flowers, and a couple of sparkling green butterflies, which would’ve blended right if it weren’t for their sparkled coating!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The menu was all sweets, but with an earthy, fairy theme of course!

Each girl was given a chocolate “bird’s nest” to eat out of–incredibly realistic looking, and delicious!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The nests also served as “bowls” for the “create your own trail mix” station.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

“Fairy Flakes”(coconut), “Chipmunk Chips” (banana hips), “Gnome-Made Granola”, “Wrinkled Grapes” and “Chocolate Dew Drops” were among the selection of goodies for the girls to use to make their special mix.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Other treats, such as pink “acorns” and “pink feather dust” (cotton candy) were also available for the girls to nibble on during the party.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Darling “Ladybugs” were crafted carefully out of apples and chocolate frosting and were definitely a favorite to look at by all the guests.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Snail Sandwiches” (created of strawberry cream cheese and jelly) and “Woodland Smores” (pre-melted smores served on a wooden “stump”) were other delightful treats guests enjoyed.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, the birthday girl opted for cupcakes that she saw at Whole Foods with her mom–pink frosted flowers and deep raspberry-red “toadstools” with upside-down white chocolate chips.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Dandelion Milk” (Milk) was the beverage of choice, in chocolate, strawberry or plain, as all three matched the color-scheme of the party!

The toadstool cupcakes were also an activity. The girls were given a leaf-shaped bowl full of raspberry pink/red icing, a mini chocolate cupcake and mini white chocolate chips, where they could craft their own toadstool cupcake to enjoy or take home. A messy but fun activity and tasty treat!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

Special white-chocolate (colored pale pink) dipped strawberries added the birthday girl’s favorite colors of red and pink to the fairy feast, and a nest of “Fairy Berries” added beauty and natural texture to the table.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The whimsical wands were all personalized with tags tied to their streaming raw silk ribbons.

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

The fairy dust bottles were carefully displayed in a bell jar and handed out by an adult at the end of the party for the girls to take home and use as a decoration in their room.

These personalized fairy dust jars were a tremendous hit, and the girls had all sorts of ideas of how to use them! (We offer the custom tags used for the fairy dust, wands, frocks and garlands for special order. Just send us an e-mail with your request to [email protected]!)

Activities included “Musical Toad Stools” using the same toad stools the girls sat on while at the table, and a dance around a “Fairy May Pole” (a natural wooden rod stuck in the ground, with long streaming ribbons carefully adhered at the top). More than anything, the girls just enjoyed prancing around in circles, weaving around each other–not really making any sort of pattern at this young age, of course!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

In addition to decorating their “toadstool cupcakes” the girls were also given little birdhouses to take home to decorate. Each guest was given a moss-covered basket in which they were to use to gather butterflies, acorns and flowers (faux flowers and butterflies, real acorns), most of which were hidden behind “fairy doors” at the bottom of trees.

*This was a lot of fun, but we made sure to have bags full of pre-alloted decorations and goodies already to go, in the event one girl ended up with fewer decorations than another.

Along with being allowed to leave the parties in their fairy costumes, they were given a copy of an enchanting fairy pop-up book, customized with a small bookplate inside to remember the event. I was even given one of these books, and love it!

woodland fairy birthday party ideas

I hope our woodland fairy party may inspire and enchant you! Also, a very special thank you to Paper & Pigtails for the spectacular invitations and toadstool and fairy-themed imprintables, they added so much more charm to so many aspects of the event!”


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  133. erika July 16, 2010 at 9:29 am

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    i had my daughters 7th birthday party here and it was fantastic! it was the perfect party for this age. ALL of the girls had a wonderful time and all want to now have there party at faires and dragons!Stephanie fairiesanddragonsparties.com/

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  141. Keilia January 30, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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    • Kate Landers Events, LLC January 31, 2011 at 11:14 am

      Hi Keilia! The toadstool trio is unfortunately no longer available, however, I do have the recipe for the chocolate bowls! You simply mix large biscuits of shredded wheat (broken up) with a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (melt chocolate in a double-boiler and cook briefly before mixing with shredded wheat). You line small bowls or cupcake tins with wax paper, and then press the mixture into a bowl shape. I believe 4 large biscuits and a single bag makes about 4-6 small “nests”. Enjoy!

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  157. Kadamba Krishna Das March 11, 2013 at 2:05 am


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