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Birthday Cake displayed on small wooden stool

Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with the sweet details of this oh-so-pretty Pink Flower Party created by the talented Kori of Paper & Pigtails!

Inspired by her daughter’s love of nature and everything pink, a flower/garden party was the perfect choice to celebrate Charlotte’s 4th birthday.  The use of burlap elements in contrast to the soft, subtle color palette was just the right touch for adding a tiny bit of rustic charm to this girly nature party…

The creative DIY flowers that Kori made with her daughter – using crepe paper, fabric, and cupcake liners – really brought a magical feel to the party decor. Beautiful rosettes and gorgeous fabric flowers adorned everything from the table runners to the centerpieces. One of my favorite elements is definitely Brunch Table though… not only is it pretty to look at, it’s filled with a variety of scrumptious breakfast treats including scones, mini muffins, cinnamon rolls and adorable “waffle flowers” that Kori creatively displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™!

Keep reading for all of the delightful details and photos blooming with inspiration! You will not want to miss the hand-painted cake pops or the other stunning components of the dessert table.

P.S. Sticking with the use of burlap and replacing the soft pink color palette with a selection of rich colors reflective of Autumn makes this theme versatile for any Fall celebrations you have coming up too. Enjoy!!

Birthday Girl and Mommy

Brunch Table

Brunch Table Details and Favor Bags

Brunch Table Details

Dessert Table

DIY Fabric and Paper Flower Decor

Pink Flower Party Dessert and Brunch Tables

Pink Flower Cupcakes

Dessert Table Details


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Kori…


The inspiration from this party comes directly from my daughter! After changing her mind about her birthday party several times, she came up with a “Pink Flower Party” {aka garden party}. Since she adores anything pink and anything “nature” oriented, this made perfect sense. Thinking of how to make it fun, we thought of using all DIY pink flowers and started scouting for tutorials on making everything from fabric, to cupcake liner, to crepe paper flowers and made them together!


The invitation, one of the most important pieces to me, was something I wanted to be whimsical. I wanted to bring in a natural feel and combine it with sweet simple flowers. After illustrating her flowers and arranging them on the invite, I had them printed on scalloped edge cards and wrapped each one with burlap to cover the party details. I used Kraft envelopes and matching address wraps to finish the look!


We had the party in the morning {as it seems when most little ones are at their best} so we decided on brunch! Two of our favorite little friends have food allergies, so I made sure to have options for them and to keep it peanut free! I used little ice cream cups and spoons from Shop Sweet Lulu for yogurt and strawberries, and filled other cups with bite sized treats like mini scones, doughnut holes, mini cinnamon rolls, and mini muffins. There were also crescent rolls filled with turkey and cheese One of my favorite items on the brunch table was the waffle flowers! I used Pastry Pedestals arranged in different vases with cupcake liner flowers and placed Eggo waffles and strawberries on top! I learned the taller vases work best for balancing weight, and I filled some vases with gumballs to support the flowers and Pastry Pedestals so they would stay in place!

For dessert, I enlisted the help of the sweet Renee from Bees Knees Creative! She lives about an hour north of me, so I was able to have her make the cake, cupcakes, and cake pops. Her talent always amazes me, so when I saw the desserts she came up with I couldn’t have been happier. Prior to the party, I started missing my traditional order from Two Sugar Babies (I love the fondant toppers to dress up homemade cupcakes) and asked her if she had anything that would work elsewhere. She now carries adorable “brownie toppers” and immediately I started thinking of all of the things I could put them on! My order came in and I went to the Rice Krispies Treats and loved the look!


Decor was mainly anything I could stick a handmade flower on or in! I enlisted the help of my friend Amy from Buggie and Jellybean to help make some fabric rosettes, and we made a huge group of them here too! My little girl and I also made cupcake liner flowers, and flowers from a roll of crepe paper. We put these in varied sizes of vases and spread throughout the party! We attached fabric and paper flowers with hot glue to strips of burpap used around the party! I had adorable table runners from A to Zebra Celebrations and layed a flower covered burlap strip on each one for the dessert table. I didn’t want to attach the flowers to the runner, as I hope to use the runners over and over again! Of course, I used the printable set I created to tie everything together, using circles as cupcake toppers, banners over both tables, water bottle labels on squirt bottles for the kids, and printable papers to line and cover everything I could find!

When everyone arrived, my husband handed out the bug catchers {one of the favors} and took the kids on a nature walk. Our neighborhood is on a river with nature trails throughout, so the kids were able to find a lot of critters to try and catch! After they returned and we opened presents, it was time for the pinata! My daughter began to ask for a pinata before the party, and I decided to try my hand and making one myself using pink poms! I loved how girly and fluffy it turned out! As we had so many sweets on the dessert table and my daughter REALLY wanted to give her friends a “candy lipstick” {aka Push Pop}, I decided we didn’t need any candy in the pinata. Instead we filled it with little toys, pencils, stickers and an assortment of fake flowers! I told the kids when the pinata broke to be sure and grab flowers for a treat. My husband is such a great sport, as we didn’t have anywhere to hang the pinata….so he took the dangerous task of holding it while 3-6 year olds swung a big stick at him. When the pinata bust open I had the kids find and bring me specific colors and flowers to claim their push pop!

We had a few things around the party for the kids to take home! We bought everyone a little squirt bottle for their pink lemonade (great for the nature walk), a bug catcher (one of my girls favorites things to play with), and the girls all received a hair clip I made with our fabric rosettes.

In the middle of the party, my little girl ran up, hugged me and said “Thank You Mom, This is the BEST. Party. Ever.” I know it wasn’t really, but to my four year old it was….and that’s all that matters!

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