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tea stained doily wreath tutorial with berries

Over the years, I have found grapevine wreaths to be one of the most versatile home decorating elements with their ability to easily transition from season to season. It’s become almost a staple decorating item in my home.

Watch how easy it is to transform a bare wreath into a year-round decor item for your home using tea-stained paper doily flowers as your focal point! If you are like me and are drawn to all things vintage, see this simple tea-staining tutorial to prep your paper doilies. Otherwise, plain white doilies will work just as well.

diy doily wreath tutorial

Keep reading for the how-to in creating this simple year-round wreath…


(for one, year-round decorative wreath)
• 1 large grapevine wreath
• 9 small to medium paper doilies (tea-stained or plain white)
• glue gun
• seasonal floral picks (amount depends on how sparse or full you want the wreath)


Paper Flower Doily - Step One and Step Two

Paper Flower Doily - Step Three and Step Four

STEP ONE: Fold doily in half.
STEP TWO: Pinch center of doily and push outside edges toward center.
STEP THREE: Continue pinching and pushing edges towards the middle until a flower shape begins to develop.

Repeat this process with remaining 8 doilies until you have a total of 9 doily flowers.

Tea-Stained Doily Flower

Place doily flowers on wreath in groups of threes.

Attach flowers to wreath with glue gun in groups of three

Once you are satisfied with the placement, it’s time to secure the flowers to the wreath with your hot glue gun.

wreath with paper doily flowers


Using floral picks that coordinate with the season you are in, add them to the outside edges of the paper doily flowers you’ve already attached to the wreath. Do NOT use a glue gun for these additions. Instead, use the natural spaces within the grapevine wreath to push and weave your floral picks securely to the wreath. This will allow you to easily swap out the picks with the change of seasons.

Adding Seasonal Floral Picks around the Flower Doily Clusters

Larger Red Berry Floral Pick Accents

To celebrate the season we are currently in, I chose to incorporate red berries into the wreath. I started off with small red berries and then decided to swap them out for larger grape-sized berry floral picks instead. Either option is a beautiful contrast against the wreath and the paper flower doilies.

tea stained doily wreath

With your wreath finished…it’s time to display it. Use your front door, back door, fireplace mantle, wall or even hang it in a window. The red berries on this particular wreath will work perfectly for Valentine’s Day too. It’ll be here before we know it. *wink*


– Photography & Tutorial: Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio & Design
– Paper Doilies: Amazon.com
– Floral Picks: JoAnn’s
– Grapevine Wreaths: JoAnn’s