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princess and the pea birthday party

Genevieve Le Bel of Superchick Studios went all out with this adorable PRINCESS & THE PEA themed birthday party for her equally adorable daughter, Sophie! The funky, fun color palette exudes an air of “sassy royalty” fit for a REAL princess.  I absolutely adore the headboards used as backdrops behind the food table as well as the fabulous craft station she created.

Stacks of  real mattresses were the perfect party element to tie in the Princess and the Pea theme. Not only did the mattresses make for a fabulous party focal point as guests arrived but they also provided a fantastic party activity since jumping on them was not only allowed, but encouraged! How fun is that?!

princess and the pea themed cupcakes

Party Details and the Birthday Girl

KEEP READING to see how Genevieve was able to tie super cute elements into every pea-sized detail of this party, including creative food items and the bottles of Princess Detective Peas given as party favors…

Princess and the Pea themed Dessert Table

Princess and the Pea themed Food Table

colorful Hanging party Lanterns

Craft Station

princess and the pea birthday party theme


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Genevieve

Our color palette was kinda funky, busy & way BRIGHT!  (I also included tons of PRINTS) Aqua, plum and lime green with pink, yellow and brown accents. Ok so basically we wanted COLOR!  lol

Decorations included stacked mattresses OF COURSE!  Peas everywhere!  Plus OMG!!!  We used headboards to frame the craft station and snack table!  Hanging lanterns gave an extra pop of color and fun!  (I’m kinda over POMS!  Shhhhh!)

Snacks included the most amazing mattress cookies, crowned peas (cake pops!), fresh peas on a skewer with dressing and (pea)nut butter & jelly sandwiches on mini powdered donuts!  To be different, I used Pea cookies on a stick as ‘cupcake toppers’!!!

Favors were by far the coolest things EVER!  I found ‘Authentic Princess Detection Peas‘  which were SUCH A HIT! The tiny glass bottles were packaged in colorful gift bags with personalized labels!  I also included a green smiley face ball and a piece of rainbow cake (that looked like a mattress) in glassine bags with custom labels!
The girls also took home a CAKE SLICE (made of cardstock) filled with green gumballs!

Activities included A LOT of jumping on the stacked mattresses!  But I also had the girls create a bed-inspired collage using paper scraps, a green plastic bead and wooden skewers!  They loved it!”

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