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yarn wrapped base diy tutorial

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone! It’s Amber here from Amber Lay Events. This week I’m excited to share another crafty DIY Tutorial featuring yarn wrapped vases.


If you have any sort of old vase or container that needs sprucing up, try this simple technique to give it a fresh new look. I used yarn here, but you can also use twine for a more rustic look – or even sparkly, glittered ribbon for a more glam effect. I paired the yarn vases with mini dahlias here, but feel free to use your own favorite flowers or even miniature yarn ball “flowers” for a playful touch!

yarn wrapped bases diy tutorial



By: Amber Lay
Photography By: Camryn Clair


yarn wrapped vase supplies

– Vases
– Yarn
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun
– Glue Sticks
– 1 Bunch Mini Dahlias (or other flowers)
– Vase of Water
– Floral Knife or Clippers


1. As soon as you get your Dahlias home from the market give them a quick cut with either your floral knife or clippers at a 45 degree angle and then place them directly into your vase filled with room temperature water. If your flowers came with plant food go ahead add that to the water and give it a quick stir before inserting the flowers.

2. Take your vase and put a dab of hot glue on the top rim and adhere the yarn to it. Now start wrapping! Make sure to wrap very tightly so that you cannot see the container underneath. You can keep it nice and neat or you can scrunch it a little to add even more texture. Once you reach the bottom cut the yarn and secure the other end with a dab of hot glue.

3. Fill each vase or container with 3/4 water.

4. Cut the Dahlias using your floral knife or clippers at a 45 degree to the desired length and place 2-3 in each vase. Hint: Hold the Dahlias next the vase while cutting to get a feel for a  the length you want. Now enjoy your yarn wrapped centerpiece!

yarn wrapped vases and mini dahlias


– Vases: IKEA
– Yarn: Micheal’s
– Scissors: Micheal’s
– Hot Glue Gun: Micheal’s
– Glue Sticks: Micheal’s
– 1 Bunch Mini Dahlias: Local Floral Supplier
– Floral Knife or Clippers: Local Floral Supplier

P.S. A big thank you to Camryn Clair for shooting this tutorial!