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Vintage milk jars with airplane propeller straw flags

In preparation for the upcoming school year, Jen Carver of Banner Events held an adorable (and super clever!) “Soaring to New Heights” party that’s full of great inspiration for an airplane birthday parties too. The coolest part? It was at the local airport! I’m loving the adorable, retro style printables by Birds Party too – how cute are those “Pilot Fuel” labels with the “propeller” straws?!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Boarding pass invitations
  • Apples embellished with “In-Flight Snack” stickers + mini suitcases filled with peanuts!
  • Flight themed placemats for coloring and “Flying Supplies” for crafting
  • super cute 3-D airplane fondant cupcake toppers
  • All the kids getting their wings :)

Airplane themed back to school party

Airplane party snack food with sticker printables

Airplane cake with pilot wings and clouds

Boarding pass invitation for airplane party

Airplane back to school party activities

Airplane coloring place mat

Airplane pilot wings and pilot school embroidered kids shirt

Cloud cake with fondant airplane cake topper

Cupcake liner printables and airplane cupcake toppers

Airplane party food with marshmallow propeller pops

Propeller push pops and airplane cake pops

Airplane lunchbox with printable labels and name tags

Airplane party baggage claim printable

Airplane party with back to school supplies printables

Airplane themed school pencils and composition notebooks

Airplane sugar cookies and pretzels


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jen

With the start of school and a new learning adventure right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for ‘take off.’ Help your little ‘flying ace’ get set to “Soar to New Heights” this school year with a fun back-to-school themed party that is sure to lift his/her spirits ‘up and away‘.

Heighten excitement by sending out adorable ‘First Class’ boarding passes, inviting little pilots-in-training to come spread their wings. Of course, learning passports will be needed as well, before travel. Once filled out, the sky is the limit.

It takes a lot of energy to keep ‘flying high.’ From ‘Baggage Claim’ little guests can pick up their new aviator lunch boxes filled with healthy in-flight snacks perfect for a day of navigating new territory. Pilot Fuel (water) and Jet Fuel Juice will keep them hydrated, especially with cute paper straws embellished with printable propellers sure to help quench even the deepest thirst. Granola bars with darling printable wrappers, airplane themed fruit snacks, sandwiches packed in airmail striped wax paper & apples with custom stickers should keep their bellies full & their minds on course!

Add some fun themed treats to help imaginations soar. Propeller push-up pops filled with yogurt covered pretzels, up & away themed cake pops, cloud cupcakes topped with darling 3-D fondant planes, colorful flying ace cookies and a cake complete with a plane sculpted out of chocolate are just a few of the endless possibilities. Of course, kids are always excited about more snacks. Crackers were housed in darling school sized milk cartons labeled ‘Aviator Fuel,’ and pretzels were packaged in cute bags with coordinating ‘in-flight’ snack treat toppers. Little luggage favors were filled with peanuts–the traditional airplane snack!

School supplies were dressed up for the learning adventure and included things like pilot flight log notebooks, propeller pencils, airplane erasers, glue bottles, and crayons embellished with pilot wing crayon wraps. Children practiced their take-offs and landings with DIY foam airplanes, decorated airplane coloring sheets & enjoyed checking out the airplane control panel in the cockpit. Of course, at the conclusion of their ‘flight training’ over at Thun Field, Pierce County Airport, each student received their official pilot wings from our resident pilot, David Thomas.

The kids loved the custom t-shirts, skirts and school bags personalized for their individual learning adventures for this coming year.

End the summer flying high into a new year of school!

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