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barn yard party

Saddle up, Partner! Marci of Entwined Design Event and Florals rounded up her team to create an adorable Barnyard Birthday Party for her assistant’s son. Don’t live near a barn? That didn’t stop these ladies! They created everything from the barn backdrop to the super-cute barn yard animal desserts. :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Adorable barn door invitation & “roped” BBQ Menu
  • DIY barn backdrop made with budget-saving paint samples!
  • Bandanas & cowboy hats sitting on each guest’s straw bale seat
  • Super cute Piggy, Cow, & Ducky cake pops

barn party menu

barn birthday cowboy

barn yard invitation

barn animal cupcakes

barn fondant cake

cowboy party tablescape

craft paper cow cupcake topper

cow cake pops


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Marci

When our Assistant Jennifer’s son was about to turn 1, she told us in a meeting that she wanted it to be special. We immediately sat down and started throwing out concepts of all different kinds of party themes. To our surprise, Jennifer decided Barnyard Extravaganza was the overall concept and asked us to fill in the details.

We live about 5 miles south of the beach and as much as we would like, there are no barns to be found out by the water. Hurdle number one was that if you can’t find a barn, build one of course. The Entwined Design crew headed to Lowes and purchased MDF and 1×4 to build the façade of the structure. No need to buy gallons of paint. Simple paint samples will cover about a 10ft structure and serve well at coating MDF. A shadow box was created at the back of the structure to give dimension to the barns window frame. We then headed to our local Pet and Feed store to purchase Straw Bales for seating and covered them with bandanas for comfort.

Being that Jennifer does work for a florist, she wanted just as many flowers as we did. Two large urns will filled to the brim with over 300 Teddy Bear Sunflowers and mixed with Seeded Eucalyptus and Smilax. Lining the center of the tables were wooden boxes filled with Daisy Pom Poms and Crespedia (Billy Balls).

The Banners constructed above the cake table “Yee Haw” and the “Gulp N Grub” were made by April of Events Inspired by Love. April also hand made the custom cupcake toppers which consisted of Ducks, Horses, Sheep and Pigs. What party would be complete without an adorable open barn invite and rope menu for your guests?

Jennifer’s amazing mother Laurie Hocker created all the fixins for a delightful grub fest, including cupcakes, handmade Piggy Pops, Cow Pops, Ducky Pops and the beyond fun fondant cake. They also had amazing cookies, handmade Apple Butter and Rice Krispie treats wrapped with red licorice. Nothing better than eating hot dogs, baked beans, veggies and potato salad while dining in front of a barn.

Jennifer’s guests wrapped up the day with a game of water balloon piggy toss and pin the tail on the cow of course. We hope that Jennifer and her family had an amazing day celebrating the first year of life with her amazing son Joseph. To all the guests that enjoyed the day, I think the surprise shirt her son wore that read “Only child, expires Feb 2013” was the icing on the cake of an awesome day! Happy Birthday Joseph Paul and congrats on the baby! Can’ t wait to plan and execute another party.

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