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sailboat birthday

Ships Ahoy! Let’s sail away with this cute & summery Nautical Sailboat Birthday Party styled by Lauren McKinsey. I’m loving the bright colors, bold patterns, and adorable sailboat inspired birthday treats – what perfect conditions for an out-to-sea adventure! 

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Cute Rice Krispie Treat sailboats with printable sails & gumball buoys
  • Nautical inspired round Hershey Kiss labels + blue jello ocean cups with apple sailboats
  • peanut butter & jelly sandwich bar with squeezable PB&J, marshmallows and chocolate chips

sailboat birthday party

sailboat desserts

sailboat dessert table

goldfish snacks

peanut butter and jelly bar

ahoy party printables

sailboat party ideas

sailboat birthday party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Lauren

I designed my little sailboat a few years ago and was delighted to finally use the design in its very own printable collection.  I could hardly wait for the photo shoot that would accompany this collection.  I gathered 7 little boys and we had the grandest time!

I knew immediately that I wanted a “float your boat” station to go along with the sailboat theme.  I would fill several metal buckets with water and have sailboats floating in them.  I ordered the sailboats from Oriental Trading but decided to use cute scrapbook paper for the sails in lieu of the sails that came with each boat.  This would add color to the boats and coordinate with my theme.  I hand painted a cardboard sign to label the station.

On the buffet table I used colorful pieces and continue the nautical theme.  From colorful lanterns to a fantastic wooden anchor the table came alive.  I purchased mini lanterns and hung them with colorful ribbon on the back of the chairs.  I am a big believer in using lots of color and fun patterns.

As I thought about the food I would serve, I knew that I wanted the children to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I had this brilliant idea to fill piping bags with peanut butter and jelly allowing the children to “decorate” their bread cut into sailboat shapes.  I also provided marshmallows and chocolate chips as sandwich extras. I loved the idea of creating a peanut butter and jelly bar.  This was a tremendous hit as you can imagine.

And then there were the Rice Krispie sailboats.  Using a large circle cookie cutter I cut the Rice Krispie treats into large circles and cut each circle in half.  I dipped the bottom of each “boat” into blue chocolate and then used the food toppers from the printable collection to create the “top” of each little boat.

The food toppers were also used to decorate the delicious cupcakes and create the sail in the apples that “floated” in the blue jello.  And no sailboat party would be complete without goldfish crackers.

The homemade cake came to life with a gorgeous fondant sailboat cake topper from Edible Details.  Brittany’s work continually amazes me.  Each fondant piece is a work of art.  I used red gumballs to decorate the bottom of the cake.

The adorable sailboat cookies were from the amazing company Dream Day Cakes.  I am so fortunate to live in the same town with such amazing talent, and Yeni once again knocked it out of the park with such cute cookies!

I love the idea of sending home favors with your guests that are special and something that will be treasured.  Each little guest left with their very own personalized sailboat mini canvases.  The four inch by four inch canvases can be purchased at a craft store such as Michaels.  Using Mod Podge I attached the design to the canvas and added a colorful ribbon for that extra special touch!

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