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my little pony party

I’m so into the girly vibrant pastels Virginia of Hooray to Celebrate incorporated into her daughter’s 4th birthday party! Inspired by My Little Pony, she designed a Pretty Rainbow Dash Birthday Bash for her sweet little Taylor with a colorful fruit bar, fantastic face painting and a super cute {custom} birthday dress by Chibi Design Shop!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Rainbow Cookies, Mini Cupcakes and Rainbow Striped Popcorn Boxes
  • Beautiful (rainbow layered!) Birthday Cake from Plumeria Cake Studio
  • Bellini Bar for the adults + Fresh Fruit Bar displayed in rainbow order ;)

rainbow dash

rainbow fruit bar

rainbow my little pony birthday cake

rainbow dress

rainbow party

rainbow cookies

rainbow party hats

rainbow face paint

face painting

rainbow drink flags

bellini bar

mint cupcakes

rainbow cake

rainbow favor bags for a my little pony party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Virginia

For my daughter’s 4th birthday, she was very particular about incorporating rainbows and horses into her birthday bash.  Since her favorite show was My Little Pony, I decided to use Rainbow Dash to incorporate both elements in to one fantastically colorful party.

I wanted to make sure every part of the party showed the bright color palette but I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t too over the top for the adults.  I ended up with a hand-crafted party that had subtle rainbow details everywhere from the snack bar, the dessert station, goodie bags, and even into my daughter’s outfit and subtly into her hair.   I also made sure there was a colorful assortment of kid and adult beverages, with a fresh fruit bellini bar for the parents to enjoy.  I fell in love with her dress, which was custom made to combine a puffy girly dress and the colors of Rainbow Dash.

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