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soiree event design ebook giveaway

Tonya Coleman here from Soireé Event Design, and I’m so excited to offer one lucky HWTM reader my new Party Planning Toolkit containing a copy of BOTH my popular Soiree Event Design’s Guide to MY Party Planning Biz! Ebook and the Soiree Event Design’s Party Planning Organizer. Kickoff the new year with these two invaluable tools to kickstart your party planning business!

“Soiree Event Design’s Guide to MY Party Planning Biz!” E-Book

Here’s your chance to get this MUST HAVE DETAILED RESOURCE for new party planners! Contains DETAILS on my party planning business’ 6 steps to planning an event including how I price, where I get most of my inventory AND…a BONUS section on Branding & Marketing! I’ve only been able to share a small portion of How I Do It on my blog and have gotten so many emails asking all kinds of questions about how I started my business, how I priced my services to be profitable and if I offer mentoring. I would LOVE to share ALL my How I Do It tips!

If you are a party planner just starting out or are thinking about getting into the party planning business…THIS E-BOOK IS FOR YOU! THE REAL DEAL…the stuff not too many other planners will tell you…things I frankly couldn’t find anywhere when I first started out. I scoured the internet & purchased multiple books looking for DETAILS! There are plenty of books and websites out there about starting a party planning business, but none of them gave me the nuts & bolts on HOW to do it or give me ACTUAL pricing…so….I put all I know in this E-Book.

Soiree Event Design Guide to Party Plannig Book

“Soiree Event Design’s Party Planning Organizer”

FINALLY…a party planning organizer designed BY a party planner FOR party planners! This is my go-to tool for my party planning business and I’m thrilled to share it with you! In true “girlfriends” style I am also including LOTS of tips and invaluable tools that in the past, you may have wished were available! There are many planners available out there but this one is geared specifically toward party planners and includes the tools we need to do our jobs in a more organized way. This is a digital version which you can print yourself and place in a binder with a clear front pocket so you can slide your custom cover in the front sleeve for a totally custom look for your business. Print as many pages of each section that you think you will need. Completely customizable to how you will use it & comes personalized with your company’s logo!

WANT TO SEE WHAT’S INSIDE? Click here for a detailed look.


To celebrate this giveaway, BOTH products are now ON SALE in my shop here for one week only. Don’t worry, if you purchase your products to take advantage of the sale price and are the winner of the giveaway, you will be given an immediate refund.


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