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cowboy round up birthday party dessert table

Saddle up for some bootin’ scootin’ rootin’ tootin’ fun! Michelle Stewart of Michelle’s Party Plan-It roped together this incredible Round Up Cowboy Birthday Party for her son, Liam, who loves all things cowboy! Mom went seriously above and beyond, creating a whole TOWN for Liam and his outlaw friends, including a general store, jail cell (which doubled as a photo booth), trading post, and more… not to mention a dessert table that not even the toughest cattleman in the West could resist! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Bandana paisley & cow print birthday cake with rope detailing + cow print cake pops & chocolate covered Oreos
  • Real hay bale & wagon wheel decor + hay bale rice krispies, tumbleweed clusters & wagon wheel cookies
  • DIY jean pocket utensil holder on tin travel plates + Wanted sign name cards
  • Sack racing, pin the badge on the Sheriff, Horseshoes, Horse on a stick racing & a horse piñata

cowboy party welcome sign and hay bale sitting area

bandana paisley and cow print cowboy birthday cake

wester cowboy DIY cardboard wooden town

birthday barbecue buffet

cowboy themed cupcakes

cowboy party dessert ideas

western themed place setting

cowboy party desserts and party favors

DIY jean pocket utensil holder

cow print desserts and cake pops

watering hole drinks table

western sheriff themed desserts table and s'mores pops

cowboy bank and wanted posters

horse on a stick corral and races

cowboy birthday party games and activities

bandana party favor loot and toys

cowboy wooden gun party favors


PARTY DETAILS as told by Michelle

My youngest son is obsessed with cowboys and requested a cowboy birthday party for his 4th birthday. This party was so much fun to plan, I admit I may have gone a tad overboard with the details, but I was just having too much fun! To set the tone for the party, I created a cardboard western town complete with a bank, general store, Sheriffs office, trading post and jail which doubled as a photo booth. We converted our living room into a sitting area of hay bales surrounding a felt campfire.

The dessert table was filled with an array of delectable sweets and treats such as cupcakes, candy apples, chocolate covered Oreos, cake pops, s’mores pops, hay stacks and hay bale cereal treats in addition to an assortment of candies and chocolates. I made several party favors for the children which included, hobby horses, horse bubble wands, crayon rolls and favor bags. Each child also received a boot shaped soap, badge, mustache, hat, bandana and rubber band gun. We all played bean bag toss, bottle ring toss, shooting range, pin the badge on the sheriff along with hobby horse races and pony express potato sack races. We all also took turns in jail for some photo booth fun. Everyone enjoyed great BBQ, fun and lots of laughs! It was the perfect day and best of all, my little man loved it. He enjoyed every second of his big day surrounded by those who love him most.

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