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DIY Tissue Fringe Garland

I’m excited to share a colorful, easy, and super budget-friendly party DIY with you today! I used these Tissue Fringe Garlands in a recent Fiesta-themed project, but they’re really versatile enough to incorporate into all sorts of celebrations. And as simple as they seem, there are definitely a couple tricks to making them work well – including folding the tissue paper a very specific way (or else the panels can randomly fall apart on the twine, which we don’t want, of course!). Here’s how you make them…

You’ll Need:
– Tissue Paper (each sheet makes 2 garland panels)
– Scissors
– Tape
– Binder Clip
– Twine (or other string)

1. Start with one sheet of tissue paper, folded in half lengthwise so you have a very long rectangle – then fold the rectangle into fourths. (Just ignore the existing creases in the paper when creating the new folds.) Secure the fold with a binder clip.


2. Trim about 1.5 inches off the bottom of the folded rectangle. This step is optional – I just like the look of my garland panels to be a little “boxier”!

3. Use scissors to fringe the tissue paper, starting from the bottom and cutting a little more than half way up.


4. Remove the binder clip and lay the tissue paper out flat, then cut it in half. You now have 2 separate garland pieces.


5. Fold each fringe panel in half, and secure the open sides with tape.


6. To make “stringing” the panels easier, fold & crease them at the top first, then lay the twine (or string) down inside the crease, and secure it with tape.


The tape should not touch the twine at all – this way you can slide and adjust the garland panels as necessary.

And you’re done! Repeat the process to make more fringe panels, and be sure to mix up the colors for an extra-festive look. (P.S. We took the below shot after this garland had been stored for a couple weeks and brought back out, so please excuse the extra creases in it!)


Happy Celebrating!