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Tutti Frutti Baby Shower Ideas & Inspiration

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Tutti Fruitti Baby Shower Ideas 1

What’s colorful, fresh, and adorable all over? A Tutti Frutti Baby Shower theme!

I was recently asked to participate in a fun Oh Baby! Shower Series over at 4moms by sharing tips and ideas on one of my own favorite baby shower themes. I’m not sure if it’s the imminence of spring or my year-round obsession with all things watermelon and pineapple, but I was feeling especially inspired by fruit! And since my personal design palette tends to lean contemporary, I also gave this fruit-bedecked baby shower a modern twist with the addition of geometric patterns and bold pops of black and white.

SO… here we go with some deliciously colorful and *tasty* party ideas, starting with the image up top:

Make a simple, yet super cute Pineapple Cake from Coco Cakeland and decorate with DIY Fruit Slice Balloons from Studio DIY.

Little Tutti Fruitti Monthly Stickers would make a great themed gift for mom-to-be, of course, but I’d also recommend picking up an extra set to use as decorations for charger plates or vases, or even to use as clever “drink markers” for glassware!

Hang this Pineapple Baby Onesie/Costume for guests to ooh and ahh over, then gift it to mom for photo opps later!

Deck out the buffet with cute patterned partyware like these Triangle Confetti Plates, Scalloped Pinwheel Plates, and Black Stripe Wood Utensils.

Make a playful OH BABY topper to add to your pineapple cake using this clever Clay Letters Cake Topper tutorial from Minted.

Fruity Baby Shower Invitation and Onesie

Set the tone for a very fun party right off the bat with this darling Tutti Fruitti Baby Shower Invitation.

Meri Meri’s Fruit Party Picks are a super quick & easy way to dress up cupcakes and other mini desserts.

I always love using real toys and baby gear as decorations at baby showers – like the Gel Fruit Teethers, Lemon Slice Onesie, and Monochrome Fruit Salad Rattle Toys pictured here – because the items can double as gifts for mom after the shower!

Printable Fruit Baby Shower Well Wishes Cards

To create a great keepsake for mom-to-be, ask guests to jot down sweet words, well-wishes, and advice on these printable Fruity Cards for Well Wishes, available for free download via Bespoke Bride. Aren’t these just the cutest?! If you’re doing a sit-down luncheon or brunch, the place settings would look fantastic with one of these cards centered at each place setting!

Sparkling Fruity Pop Drink Station Ideas

Set up a fun “Fruity POP” drink station featuring a variety of colorful sparkling fruit sodas! I love the modern look of IZZE bottles, but you can also set out juice mixers and lemon lime or club soda in pitchers, and let guests mix up their own drinks. Wouldn’t these Frozen Fruit Ice Cubes from Momtastic look great in a glass of lemon-lime soda or sparkling water?!

Speaking of “pop”, if you want to go the extra mile on the cute factor, let you guests sip their drinks from Fruity Balloon Straws! (Tutorial by A Joyful Riot) I think they’re just about as fun as it gets!

Fruit Sushi, Pineapple Cupcakes, and Sorbet Pops

The sky’s the limit when it comes to fruit-inspired treats and desserts, but since this is a baby shower we’re also looking for a dash of cute and unexpected!

If you’re a whiz with the fondant – or maybe just keeping your life easy and ordering from a bakery! – 3D fruit fondant toppers look fabulous on cupcakes. (Pineapple Cupcakes by Kiss My Cakes)

For warm spring and summer months or outdoor baby showers, Sorbet Push Pops make for a sweet AND refreshing dessert! (Sorbet Pops Station by Sweets Indeed)

And since mom-to-be might is probably missing her sushi by now,  “Fruit Sushi” should be an extra-welcome treat! Check out this pretty Fruit Sushi recipe from Free People, and this Super Easy Banana Sushi via Vegan Heaven.

You are the pineapple of my eye - nursery printable

Display themed sayings – like this You are the Pineapple of My Eye Nursery Printable in colorful frames as a sweet nod to the occasion.

This Multicolor Party Fans Set would make a great backdrop for a fruity dessert table of photo booth!

fruit party favor ideas - fruit tattoos, candy, sunglasses, and lip balm

Last but not least, don’t forget the SWEET send-off! ;)

Here are a few fun favor ideas for guests: Fruit Tattoos, Candy Fruit Jell Slices, Pineapple Sunglasses, and DIY “fruits” made from EOS Lip Balm Spheres!

Use sharpies and/or colored paper to decorate the lip balm spheres, similar to how I mocked it up in the image here to create the look of a strawberry. Try adding paper leaves and branch “stems” to orange and yellow balms to turn them into citrus fruits, or draw a criss-cross pattern on a yellow balm to create a “pineapple”. Have fun with it!

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  10. Designed Party May 23, 2016 at 2:54 am

    I love these ideas!
    There are beautiful bingo cards for baby shower here:

  11. Victoria February 6, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    This is an absolutely adorable idea. I love the bright colors. The “Pineapple of my eye” sign is just a sweet touch. :) And who doesn’t need a pair of pineapple sunglasses!!! LOVE THEM!!!

  12. Karen March 15, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    So pretty!! I love all the cute details.

  13. Douglas Rezende October 20, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    This is an absolutely adorable idea. I love the bright colors. The “Pineapple of my eye” sign is just a sweet touch. :) And who doesn’t need a pair of pineapple sunglasses!!! LOVE THEM!!!

  14. Anabella November 29, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    Wow!! I loved the decoration, a super different and creative theme. I’m already thinking of using this theme in a next little party of my baby! Thank you for the tips.

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