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Wild Child Birthday Party - animals wearing party hats

My youngest daughter turned 4 in December… her birthday is on the 16th, which basically means right smack in the middle of the craziest time of year for almost everyone I know, including myself. ;) We decided to have a small, playdate style get-together with her 3 preschool besties and their big sisters (and her own big sis, of course!). Since Rylie loves animals, acting silly, and anything girlie, we hosted a Wacky Wild Animal Party filled with bright colors, sparkly pom poms, and cute animals wearing party hats!

My birthday is 2 days before Rylie’s, so my mom (aka Grandma) got an extra-awesome gift/activity for the party to treat us both! A trainer from Wild Wonders  – an animal education facility just outside San Diego – brought over of the coolest little “party crashers” you ever did see… scroll down for a closer peek! ;)

Party Animals Birthday Printables

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Wild Child Girl Printables

Party Animal Birthday Banner and Chinchilla

Wild Child Birthday Kids Table and Balloons

I designed some funky party animal plates for the birthday table that featured a rhino, elephant, fox, and bunny. Why is it so fun to give animals party hats and cheeky glasses?!

Party Animal Plates

I often make my own party plates (see the tutorial here), but this is the first time I used the plastic plates from Michaels. These were a little more time consuming since you have to hand-cut the paper designs – the plate edges are slightly rounded so you can’t use a paper cutter – but the quality of the plates is good and overall they worked well!

Colorful beads and mini plastic animal figurines made for a fun bracelet and necklace making activity…

Kids Party Activity - Animal Necklaces and Bracelets

I decorated the chairs with rainbow yarn by simply wrapping the top in a cross-cross pattern. Super easy!

Yarn Wrapped Chairs

The yarn element coordinated well with these super cute animal ornaments I found in the holiday section at Target this year. They had funky fabrics and rainbow tails and manes! They hung on each chair and also doubled as the party favors…

Rainbow Lion Party Favor

I found the elephant and giraffe in the dollar bins at Target. (They were $3 each!) Of course, they needed to get dressed up for the party too.. and you can never go wrong with sequins, pom poms, and mini party hats, right? ;)

Party Animal Elephants - Centerpiece and Plates

As much as I loved designing the party animal graphics, of course nothing compares to the real thing! Here are a few pics of the girls enjoying the awesome visit from Wild Wonders

Wild Wonders Animal Visit - Turtles

The chinchilla and Fennec fox were both super soft (and adorable!)…

Wild Wonders Animal Visit - Fennel Fox and Chinchilla

This little hedgehog was not at all soft, but she was pretty much the definition of adorable!

Cute Hedgehog

Soooooooooooo cute!

Wild Wonders Animal Visit - Hedgehog and Kinkajou

Pictured above: a kinkajou! Looks kind of like a monkey, right? These are actually part of the raccoon family, though. #truth

Party Animal Birthday Party

Party Animal Giraffe Decoration

Thanks for stopping by, party animals! ;)

P.S. I recently updated the printable designs from this party to work for anyone! You can download below!

Party Animals Birthday Printables

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Wild Child Girl Printables

Wild Child Boy Printables