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Abigail Barnes of Paper and Cake Printable Partyware

Our friend Abigail Barnes of Paper & Cake has some big news… she’s a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards! We thought it would be fun to introduce her to you today and share a little first-hand insight on what the fuss is all about. ;) Not only is Abigail a super talented graphic designer and party stylist, but this hard working mom of 2 also donates a lot of time & effort to a certain charity that’s near and dear to me personally… and is just an all around great person. That last party never hurts, right?!

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paper and cake



 Your parties always have a cohesive look and great flow! How do you go from initial concept to finished design?
Abigail: Well, first of all thank you! We definitely try to make all of our parties age appropriate, accessible for every mom and unique (you won’t find any clipart here). After deciding on a theme, we put together concept boards and color palettes, list of items for the party and then start illustrating. In addition, working in the graphic design field as long as I have, you can’t help but learn a few things about branding. The main identity of the product (or “party” in this case), needs to be carried across all aspects of the product, in a visually measured way.

wonderlandia kids party theme

HWTM: Where and/or how do you find inspiration for your work?
Abigail: Inspiration comes from everything and every where. A trip to the antique market, the clearance rack at Target, a friend’s suggestion, fabrics, things my kids are interested in and my aunt who taught middle school art for 30 years. I actually can’t stop the ideas – we have party themes in the planning stages from now until Pinterest goes public.

HWTM: Is there any party theme you haven’t taken a crack at yet that you’re dying to work on?
Abigail: Yes! For the past 4 months, we have been dying to create this really spectacular, spot on trend, amazing… Nice try. ;)

boy birthday parties

HWTM: What is the most popular/bestselling item in your shop? What is your own favorite item?
Abigail: Our bestselling items are birthday parties for boys – specifically our Dinosaur, Train, Race Car and Construction sets. I guess it does’t surprise me because my own son went through each of these phases. My all time favorite party has to be our Grocery Store Printable Birthday Party & Play Date – that was one I dreamt of for a very long time, and who doesn’t love fake food?

grocery store inspired kids party

HWTM: What’s your favorite current party trend? And are there any past trends you’d like to see a resurgence from?
Abigail: I have so many favorite party trends! Let’s see, anything mini, or with pie, or things that are ombre – but I guess the trend I am most enamored by is using crusty old vintage pieces for styling our party tablescapes. As far as past trends making a comeback, I had a “Crazy Hat” party when I was in grade school, during which we played Yahtzee at card tables. I’m SURE kids today would totally relate.

HWTM: What’s your favorite party decor trick to save a few extra bucks?
Abigail: We here, at Paper & Cake, are at the forefront of repurposing – masters of transfiguring what we already have into something we need. We paint, wrap, cover, sew, cut and glue what “was”, into what’s “fresh”. To save a few bucks, we always start by going “shopping” through what we already have.

HWTM: Do you have any fun news or sneak peeks from Paper & Cake that you’re willing to get us excited about? ;)
Abigail: Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m working on for the upcoming Operation Shower event in Texas in November!

land of wonder for operation shower in texas