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About to POP Baby Shower – Champagne & Popsicles!

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Popsicle Baby Shower

I’m so excited to share this surprise About to POP baby shower with you guys! It’s actually more like a “baby sprinkle” – since it was a quick surprise thing worked into our annual girls’ trip with college friends.

This celebration is also SUPER SIMPLE – but still has a lot of fun inspiration you could work into a larger baby shower. And also, sometimes super simple is all you need, right?! Especially when you’re celebrating a 2nd, 3rd baby, etc – or maybe trying to keep things small for whatever reason.

POPsicle Baby Shower Theme

We were staying at a house in Palm Springs, where it was extremely hot, as you can probably imagine! We planned to spend most of our time *chilling* in the pool, so a popsicle theme felt very fitting. We used my About to Pop Baby Shower collection, put some sparkling cider & champagne on ice, and tossed around a bunch of (*POP-able!*) balloons. 😉

Popsicle Baby Shower

Some of our crew tried to distract Cheryl (the mom-to-be) in the pool outside while the rest of us quickly set up. (This proved difficult in a house with so many windows all around! They basically had to make sure her back was facing us the whole time. 😬😆)

About to POP Balloons

I hid in a back room and used an electric balloon pump to fill as many rainbow-colored balloons as possible in the span of 10 mins. We tossed the balloons all around the front room to make the atmosphere feel festive. (This is one of my favorite tricks for any party! If you don’t have time to make a balloon garland, or feel like your party “just needs something else”– try throwing balloons all over the floor. It will instantly feel like a party. 🥳)

Popsicle Baby Shower

Details, Details

Brought some Ikea Tolsby frames for the 4×6 signs, of course…. they’re plastic and travel well! I also used the popsicle silhouettes from the About to POP collection to make a cute tag for our group gift. (We timed the delivery on Amazon so it would arrive at her home in San Diego on the same day… and just brought a print-out of the item for her to open up on the trip.)

Popsicle Baby Shower

One of my favorite things on the counter set-up was some sequin rainbow fabric I found at Joann. It’s hard to see all the fabric colors in the pics of the counter display – but luckily my friend Marisol wore it as a “dress” later. 😂 So you can get a better look at it here:

Popsicle Baby Shower

I was so happy to stumble on that fabric at Joann – because it PERFECTLY matches the colors in the printable designs. Plus, who doesn’t love rainbows and sequins? 😉

Popsicle Baby Shower

This baby shower theme was the perfect excuse for a popsicle champagne toast. 😉

We had sparkling cider too, of course! The popsicle “stir sticks” were yummy with both. (I ordered the frosted “oh baby” cups on Amazon.)

Popsicle Baby Shower

Pictured above: printable popsicle silhouettes from the collection, used to theme up the beverage bucket.

Popsicle Baby Shower

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

(and turquoise, and yellow, and more…!) The translucent heart-shaped sunnies were another Amazon purchase. They kind of remind me of popsicles, too – and made for fun pics AND perfect party favors. (I used them for this “Hey Girl!” party too.)

Popsicle Baby Shower

P.S. Wanna see this About to Pop theme used in a larger way for a full baby shower? Click here to check it out.


Popsicle Baby Shower Printables

My About to POP! printables are available in our store. They make it so EASY to add pro designer style & personalization to your event. It’s like instant branding for your party! 🙌 Click here to shop now.

Popsicle Baby Shower Printables


  1. Anorda Photography August 11, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    I had never thought of using popsicles to stir champagne until now!

  2. Eve August 19, 2021 at 10:15 am

    Love all the About to Pop printables!

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