From big celebrations to crafty projects for one, our mission is to help you bring the fun!

At Hostess with the Mostess®, you’ll find inspiration for creative party themes, decorations, recipes, and more. Most of our posts are geared towards holidays and special occasions, while others are simply about making everyday moments shine… because why the heck not?!!

Our favorite celebratory “ingredients” are whimsy, style, and imaginative details, and you’ll find these elements to be consistent throughout both the work that we produce and the featured content that we share.

While HWTM is not a traditional event planning company, (the majority of our efforts go into creating online content), we do enjoy taking on live events for our brand partners and design clients once in a while. (See a few examples here.) With more than a decade of experience in both the blogging/influencer and event design worlds, we’ve found that styling media and brand ambassador events is a natural sweet spot for us!



Keeping things “doable” is an important part of making them fun.

While it’s true that creating stand-out moments takes effort, our rule is to embrace all possible shortcuts with open arms…and even a celebratory cocktail, if fitting! ;) We don’t have time to spend an entire day making incredibly tedious toppers for 24 cupcakes, either, regardless of how pretty they may be.

We also believe in concepts like “Creative ROI” and “Semi-DIY”. A dessert that tastes fantastic AND has only 3 ingredients? More, please. A stunning centerpiece that’s a little more time consuming but will have guests Instagramming at first sight? Okay, we’ll bite.

In general though, it always comes down to what’s fun and doable for you. We hope the the inspiration, resources, and eye candy here at Hostess will indulge your creative side, make the “figuring it out” process a little easier, and get you excited about “bringing the fun” to your own life moments too… no matter how big or small.


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