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welcome summer party sign

After the last day of school this year, Taber Lacie Photography captured all the fun & excitement of Party Like Paula‘s festive Welcome Summer Party! Most parties are focused on either the kids or adults, but I love how this celebration really caters to both age groups with its creative food, drink stations, and activity ideas.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– A kids Hydration Station (in a mini turtle pool!)
– “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” adults-only cocktail station
– Dessert “Buckets of Sand” filled with cupcakes, icing & crushed up graham crackers
– A homemade, lei-adorned parrot piñata!

welcome summer party dessert table

welcome summer party buckets

welcome summer party cake pop sun

welcome summer party beach ball cookies

welcome summer party candy

welcome summer party photo booth props

welcome summer party hydration station

welcome summer party cocktail station

welcome summer party adult lunch boxes

welcome summer party sand centerpiece

welcome summer party kids table

welcome summer party kids lunch

welcome summer party activities

welcome summer party parrot piñata


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Paula


The end of a school years signifies the start of summer.  My son asked me if we could have a party to welcome summer.  What a great idea!  So we threw a WELCOME SUMMER party on the last day of school and invited our neighbors.  When the children stepped off the bus I hung a lei around their neck and welcomed them to summer!

Guests were guided to the party by my colorful and fun yard signs.  I glued large party circles onto spray painted skewers and strung colored streamers from them.  These lined the driveway up to the party.

Guests were first greeted by my photographer and the photo booth.  Grabbing guests as they first walk into the party is a great way to ensure everyone gets their picture taken.  My son Jake and Cole wore matching shirts that I designed and made.


The children’s dining table was covered in red tablecloths and sand was sprinkled down the middle!  I took large cans and wrapped them in this fun polka dot wrapping paper, filled with sand, and stuck colored parasols into them.  Different sized vases and fish bowls housed colorful fish.  They also added a fun accent to the table!   Children’s lunch was served in white paper bags with a customized sticker.  Lunch was peanut butter & jelly, frozen gogurt, apple slices and chips.

The adult dining area featured a sand covered center with candles and fish bowls.  In the center a large vase filled with sand housed a white parasol.  It matched the kids table just a more mature design! I used white gable boxes for the adult lunches and served chicken salad croissants, salad, apple slices and baked chips.

I designed the adult beverage area by filling 2 large glass vases with water and fish.  Then I laid a large piece of glass left over from an old entertainment center on top to serve as a shelf.  It created more of a serving area and looked elegant and chic. The party did start at 10am so I felt a “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” sign was only appropriate. Ice tea, cucumber water, margarita’s and wine were on the drink menu.  Chocolate covered donut holes stuck onto cute grey and white paper straws served up some great SUNSHINE for the mom’s!

The children had a hydration stations area that held water and capri sun.  Jake’s Craft Corner allowed guests to draw their favorite summer location and color some fun summer coloring sheets.


I backed the dessert table with a fun floral pattern and teal tissue paper fans.  The dessert table featured elements you find during summer.  I made a sun out of chocolate covered marshmallows.   The most adorable mini sun, starfish, and beach ball cookies from The Talented Cookie.  They were as good as they looked, arrived on time, and were absolutely perfect!  Buckets of Sand were mini buckets filled with cupcakes, icing, and crushed up graham crackers.  I stuck in mini shovels that the kids used as spoons.  Some children actually thought it was sand!  I filled square glass vases with an assortment of candies.  Starbursts served as kick boards, Lifesavers served as well…lifesavers and sour sticks served as pool noodles.

My neighbor made this amazing parrot pinata.  She spent so many hours on it and I am so grateful for her creativity and work!

This is the most fun I have EVER had hosting a party.  The kids were great, the adults served up good conversation and my 2 year old slept through the entire partyso I could actually enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested in throwing your own Welcome Summer party or Summer Fun Birthday party you can purchase the printable party package through my Party Like Paula shop.



– Printables, styling & photo booth props: Paula from Party Like Paula
– Photography: Taber Lacie Photography
– Pinata: Michelle my neighbor
– Gable Boxes: Shop Sweet Lulu
– Mini buckets and shovels: Oriental Trading Co.
– Mini Summer Fun Cookies: The Talented Cookie
– Paper Parasols: Hobby Lobby
– Photo Booth Props: The Dollar Tree