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cheshire cat table centerpiece

Come and join me down the rabbit hole today, where a magical party full of wonderfully nonsensical details awaits! Of course, for fans of the classic fairy tale, I’m pretty sure these playful details will make perfect sense. ;)

Cleverly styled by Juliet and Lucinda of The COOP, Alabama’s Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party draws inspiration from both the classic 1951 animated Disney film AND the 2010 Tim Burton fantasy film. You’ll find everything from the White Rabbit to the Mad Hatter to the Queen of Hearts/Red Queen… who happens to be the birthday girl’s favorite and the inspiration behind the awesome dessert table!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Beverage dispenser drinks that “make you smaller or taller” + sparkly “Drink Me” cups
  • Giant crepe paper rose number 7 with half of the roses painted red!
  • “Down the Rabbit Hole” kids slide + adorable fondant white rabbit cake topper
  • Queen of Hearts inspired sparkle wands, cake pops, and bright red heart shaped macarons
  • Wonderland fondant cupcake toppers by Blue Cupcake (including a “tumbling” Alice!)
  • Heart shaped playing cards “frame” for the cake + cute character-inspired party hats
  • “Down the Rabbit Hole” bar for the grown up guests with cool DIY striped fabric backdrop

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alice in wonderland drink me drinks

alice in wonderland party bar

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alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole slide

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alice in wonderland queen of hearts cake

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alice in wonderland centerpiece


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Juliet…

Our amazingly creative, cool and fun client Drea DeMatteo has done quite a few parties with us at the COOP… but for her daughter Alabama’s birthday she wanted to celebrate in her beautiful yard with all her friends and family.

Drea is like super mom – her house is SO much fun.  She has created a magical Wonderland there for her little family – and Alabama LOVES Alice in Wonderland  (particularly the Red Queen) – so it was an absolute no brainer on the Wonderland Tea Party theme!

We had a lot of ground to cover and quite a few activities (we did a tea cup painting station by the pool, an airbrush tattoo lady, a pinata and had the MOST AMAZING Mad Hatter come in and do a show for the kids in their gorgeous yellow living room!

We wanted the treat area to be devoted to the Queen of Hearts/Red Queen as that is Alabama’s favorite, so we went with a red , black and white color scheme.  I SO love the playing card heart frame we made to showcase the gorgeous cake by the incomparable Julie of Blue Cupcakes.  Also – can you believe she made HEART SHAPED macaroons!!  So gorgeous – and so delicious!

We made a number 7 out of “painted roses” which we hand made out of crepe paper and painted red for the front garden – which served as the Red Queens garden area complete with her “Card Soldiers” and a “Down the Rabbit Hole” slide. We also has the “Down the Rabbit Hole” image at the adult bar area – because how can you resist that  at the cocktail area!!

Outside we wanted to go more girlie traditional colorful tea party fun!  We used tea cups and teapots as vases for all the bright colorful flowers… which we put ALL over the place!

Greg Fiore did he magic with capturing the details of the party in photographs – one of my favs is of the 3 generations of DeMatteo ladies!  Speaking of generations – the Alice dress Alabama is wearing is actually Drea’s from when she was a little girl – and it was hand made by Drea’s  nanny – who now lives with Drea and is like a granny to her kids!  Such a beautiful warm fun family – we are blessed to have them as clients and hope that we can continue to create magical parties for them all in the future!!!

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