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Adorable Angry Birds Themed Birthday Bash

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red angry birds themed birthday party cake

Michelle Samardzija of Mad Momma Events is back with another adorable birthday party for her son (remember the amazing Neverland party from a little while back?). I don’t know many people who haven’t at least heard of the addicting game, Angry Birds, and what better way to celebrate your love for it than by having an Adorable Angry Birds Birthday Bash?! These little birds might look angry, but I think it’s safe to say they’re just excited to do their destructive job! :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Lots of Angry Bird activities, including demolishing a wooden blocks structure (of course!)
  • Angry looking drinks dispenser & candy dish + red bird cake & birds nest cupcakes
  • Handmade slingshot & golden egg backdrop + golden egg gumballs & party favors

angry birds birthday party dessert table with DIY backdrop

red angry birds drinks dispenser

angry birds themed party printables tent cards and banner

angry birds paper plates and themed candy

angry birds topped birds nest cupcakes

plush angry birds knock down game

angry birds birthday party games and activities

golden egg angry birds game

boy's angry birds themed birthday party with golden egg party favors

PARTY DETAILS as told by Michelle

This was the perfect birthday bash for your average Angry Birds Fanatic. Mad Momma Events went modern and trendy with this character theme by using contemporary
patterns and colors. The olive green elevates the palette from your typical primary colors. The Red Bird cake takes center stage in between cardboard building blocks just waiting to be knocked down. Green Pigs and golden eggs await the brawl. Rex even had his very own bomb ready for action. We had a “Sweet Tweets” table with Angry Birds Gummies, Red Bird Rock Candy, Yellow Gumballs, and Star-shaped Cookies. The Red Bird cupcakes had three white jelly bean eggs resting in a coconut nest. The party favor was a plastic egg filled with jelly beans wishing you an “egg-cellent” time. We had an egg hunt, colored Angry Birds, and launched our plush birds into the bad pigs to save the eggs! Our pizza was the bomb, along with a leafy green salad and Red Bird Punch. The cutest bird of all blew out the three candles on his Red Bird cake and spent the rest of the afternoon launching birds and knocking down pigs.

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