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april showers bring may flowers themed birthday party tablescape

Although we didn’t have many showers in April, this party is absolutely dripping with beautiful details. Juliet Boydstun of the COOP planted the seeds (so to speak) for this April Showers Bring May Flowers Birthday Party for her son. I am loving all of the super cute DIYs in this party, AND that this theme could be used for a boy or girl’s party (or even a super cute ‘Showered with Love’ baby shower)! :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Raincloud topped umbrella cake with a tower of rain boot cupcakes + rainbow macarons
  • DIY paper flower centerpiece in a rain boot vase + umbrella with strung raindrops in a colorful floral arrangement
  • DIY felt clouds with gold glitter lightning bolts & raindrops + felt bowler hats with sprouting daisies
  • Rubber bracelet ‘raindrop’ cup wraps + sprouting flower snacks

raincloud topped umbrella birthday cake and rain boot topped cupcakes

sprouting flower bowler hat

DIY felt rain clouds with lightning bolts

raindrop strung umbrella in a bright floral centerpiece

paper flowers in a rain boot vase as the centerpiece

rainbow macarons in a vase

raindrop bracelets and flower toothpick topped party snacks

pink dahlia floral arrangement

birthday party venue games and decor

ball pit party play area

birthday party turtle shell game

raindrop birthday party hanging decor


PARTY DETAILS as told by Juliet

My poor little Grant. I never let that child choose his own party theme! Well actually,
now that I just had a baby girl, I may relinquish his parties to him and next year he can have a GI Joe or Minecraft party or some other very masculine theme! But for this last birthday of his, I hadn’t gotten my fill of flowers and frilly things just yet so he had to deal with yet another beautiful boy party!

I forgot just how beautiful this party was until recently. Watching that fabulous paper flower backdrop at the OSCARS brought me right back to my little Grant’s Party. I had made these gorgeous oversized paper flowers for my kids’ school fundraiser and really wanted to use them again (they are currently in my daughters bedroom and I STILL adore them!). I didn’t know quite how I could use them as the centerpiece for a boy party till it hit me: he’s an April baby — April Showers bring May Flowers!! So I ran with a flowers and raindrops theme.

I hand made felt clouds that “rained” blue and silver paper raindrops (I also added some lightening bolts to butch it up a bit), and put those gorgeous paper flowers in a large ceramic umbrella holder in the shape of rain boots as the main centerpiece. The piece de resistance (in my humble opinion) was the entryway. I had a trail of white umbrellas from the front gate leading to the front door. They were dripping with paper rain and floating in the air leading you into the flowers inside!!! I love love loved how it looked. It’s like you came through the rain into the gorgeous garden inside.

The bowler hats with the flowers growing out of the top were also a big reason I went with this theme. I have been wanting to incorporate them into a party for years, I just think they are so adorable. I also did lots of fresh floral arrangements with white umbrellas dripping with rain drops poking out of them. I put blue spiky stretchy bracelets on the drink cups because I thought they looked like rain, and added flower picks to the snacks. The kids also got flower shaped glasses to wear with their bowlers and as you can see, the boys were crazy for the airbrush tattoo lady! So there you have it — Grant’s final girlie party!

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