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book themed tea party

“An elegant afternoon affair to celebrate friendship, cherish classic literature, and commemorate the first day of Kindergarten for some very lovely little ladies.” Nicole Gould of Million Dollar $mile Celebrations invited her daughters’ future classmates to a “Cherish The Classics” Book Themed Back to School Tea Party inspired by female writers with creative book page inspired decor. I love this fresh {girly!} take on a back to school celebration – the mother-daughter activities and afternoon tea style is a charming way to get your little girls excited for this next chapter! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Dainty “brooch” topped macarons displayed in an open book
  • “Reading is food for thought” utensil packets + cupcakes in teacups with mini book namecard toppers
  • Stacked book risers, book page dessert table backdrop and craft table paper book garland
  • Mother-daughter crafting with crayons and supplies in pink depression ware
  • Mimosas and macarons for the mommies! :)


tea party

back to school party with romantic desserts

tea party room decor

back to school dessert table

book themed tea party

tea party

book inspired cookies


tea cup

book party



PARTY DETAILS, as told by Nicole

“An elegant afternoon affair to celebrate friendship, cherish classic literature, and commemorate the first day of Kindergarten for some very lovely little ladies.”

There comes a day in every young woman’s life where she must pack her things, kiss her family good-bye, and head off to Kindergarten.  To celebrate this very special day, I decided to host Charlotte’s future, fellow classmates for a pretty, pastel, afternoon tea.  I decided to add elements of classical literature, highlighting brilliant & bold famous female authors, because girls these days grow up so fast and they’ll be reading Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters in no time at all.

I envisioned an event where mommies and daughters could treasure the small moments of childhood together and cater a day of tea, sweets, crafts, and friends that will be remembered for years to come.  I wanted each girl to leave with a memory box of small crafts that captured how small (or grown-up… depending on how you look at it) these petite little ladies were entering into Kindergarten.  All the craft elements were pre-sorted and displayed on shelves and silver trays using antique pink Depression glass and china teacups as classy containers.  Each girl loved the quick, easy, and fair way to have all their supplies at quick reach. Remember ladies, pinkies up!  Together, the moms and daughters created five little masterpieces.  Each mom traced her daughter’s hands and feet, cut a piece of ribbon equal to their gal’s height, & created a silhouette cameo by cutting and tracing a printed profile photo.  Then, the little misses used supplies ranging from pearl and crystal buttons to tiny paper roses and crochet doilies to adorn and decorate their keepsakes.  Lastly, the girls each wrote their names and placed all their art into keepsake boxes.  My hope is that these will become little time capsules to be opened and adored in many years from now.

Two amazing ladies collaborated on the event, providing paper perfection and edible art that would have even made Miss Austen swoon!  When I described my ideas to Dez from PaperCandee, I knew all the paper details would be taken care of, but the details and deliciousness of the work she created cannot be captured in photos!  She continues to amaze me with a fresh and fabulous take on what she does best… shabby chic!   Roni from Roni’s Sugar Creations took graphics and elements from Dez’s newest collection and formed fondant brilliance!  Her details can be seen on almost every dessert and even in some of the flower arrangements! I cannot wait to work with Roni on other sugar creations.  Thank you, ladies, for making even the best dream become the most amazing reality!!

The dessert table was created around a tower of books!  An Angel food cake sat daintily atop and was adorned by a miniature bunting.  French macarons, embellished with fondant roses, and fresh flowers were placed upon an open Jane Austen novel.  A book box was left open revealing French vanilla cupcakes with intricately designed fondant novel toppers.  Petite lemon cakes with fondant roses were placed into paper cups and arranged on a pink Depression glass tray for easy serving.  Apothecary jars were filled with salt water taffy and blueberry pretzels to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.  Casey’s Confections decorated beautiful Jane Austen themed sugar cookies that featured her iconic cameo, fancy writings, latticed roses, and book covers.  Cake pop plumes were positioned at each place setting and various tea cookies and confectionaries sat around the room.  While the little ladies sipped tea, mommies were served only the finest… mimosas and macarons to celebrate the day!  I believe the ladies enjoyed their first cup of tea, their introduction to classic literature, and the special time they spent with their mommies!  Best of luck in Kindergarten to Izzy, Berk, TayTay, and Charlee!!! And a heartfelt thanks to my family for loving Charlotte enough to assist in this momentous celebration in her honor!!! Love you!

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