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DoggIe Birthday Party

It’s always great to celebrate your loved ones, especially those that love you unconditionally & smother you with slobbery kisses ;) Aimee Broussard is one creative lady, and with this backyard “Barkey Bistro” Doggie Birthday Party her little furry friends, Stella & Milo, just became the most pup-ular dogs on the block! This party is un-bark-ably cute, with great inspiration for a doggy themed party for humans, too!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– “Paws for a sip” mason jar tags + dog bone appliquéd napkins
– Adorable custom “The Barkery” apron created by Aimee
– Homemade dog-friendly treats like frozen yogurt pupsicles and pupcakes
– Cute doggie birthday cake with bone cookies, a doghouse frame & mini name banner
– Muslin favor bags with take home puppy treats for doggie guests

Puppy Dog Cake Pops

Dog Bone Pup-cakes

Dog Birthday Party with a Bark Bakery

Dog Bone Napkins

Puppy Cake with Dog Biscuits and Mini Bunting

Puppy Birthday Party

Dog Treat Puppy Favors

Red and Brown Drink Station

Whimsical Flowers

Dog Bakery Birthday

Muslin Favor Bags


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Aimee

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t throw such a festive soiree for a dog birthday but both my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Stella and Milo, were turning 1 within weeks of one another. It’s been a wild first year and I wanted to create something special to commemorate our survival! I knew I wanted to incorporate a custom apron, since after all that’s what I do and it’s where the inspiration for “Stella & Milo’s Barkery Bistro” came into mind. Nearly every single element of the party was handmade, from the shed awning to the ruffled tablecloth, to the napkins, down to the frozen yogurt “pupsicles”. The pupsicles were my absolute favorite, made with honey and yogurt they are frozen in a nut cup with a dog bone treat placed on top. Once frozen, simply unwrap the paper liner, use the bone as your handle, flip and allow your dog to lick away! We also served cake, pupcakes, yogurt bones, peanut butter bars, and other store bought treats. The humans were encouraged to “paws” for a sip of something sweet and enjoy cookies, cake and the dog face suckers. Napkins were appliqued with dog bones to fit our barkery bistro vibe. Once their bellies were full, our canine friends were sent home with custom muslintreat bags of Stella & Milo’s most favorite hand stamped gourmet treats from Oliver Bentley’s in Savannah, GA.

Bark at you later, thanks for having us!



– Event Styling, Custom Apron, Handmade Elements: Aimee Broussard
– Photography: Lacey Rabalais Photography
– Dog Treat Jars, Suckers, Paper Goods: Oriental Trading Co.
– Dog Favor Treat Bags: Oliver Bentleys
– Pupcakes: Sweet Wishes Cafe
– Yogurt Bones, Peanut Butter Bars: Petz Plaza