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Game Day Turnovers + Free Printables

The biggest football day of the year is coming up this weekend – are you ready?! If you’re hosting a football viewing party yourself, I’ve got a few fun goodies to share with you today… starting with these free printable SEATTLE and NEW ENGLAND banners.

Just click on the images below to download each banner… your choice if you want to hang them both or are especially partial to just one. ;)

Free Printable Seattle Football Banner

Free Printable New England Football Banner

To make each of the banners, simply print the PDF and cut out the panels. I like to use a paper cutter to keep the edges extra straight, but you can also just use scissors.

You’ll need a hole punch of hot glue gun to attach the banner panels to your twine or string of choice. I usually use a small hole punch so that it’s easy to slide and adjust the panels along the twine:

DIY Banner Tutorial


Big Game Turnovers with DIY Pennant Flag Food Picks

Finger foods are such a big part of football watching parties, so I also decided to update the free printable pennant flag food picks that I posted earlier this year – in colors that will work well for this weekend in particular. You can download the new version right here. :)

I’ll be using these food picks to garnish the Cheeseburger Turnovers from our recent partner program with Krusteaz®, which featured a handful of recipes made from their tasty new Flatbread Mixes. While these turnovers aren’t difficult to make at all, there are a few steps to follow in actually forming the turnovers, so Sonny & I shot a little tutorial of that part of the process to share this time around as well.

And as a side note – I usually use regular ground beef for these, as called for in the original recipe, but I decided to try them out with ground turkey this time around since that’s what we already had on hand in our freezer. The recipe works great either way!

Here’s a close-up look at the process:

FIRST, find the full recipe right here. Prepare the Krusteaz® Flatbread Mix according to the directions on the box, and let rise. While the dough is rising, pre-heat your oven and prepare the ground beef (or ground turkey) mixture. The images below show what happens next…

1. Once your dough has risen, pat it out on a well-floured surface. I usually start with about half of the dough at a time and use the heel of my palm to flatten it out first, then continue patting it out until it’s somewhere between 1/8” to 1/4” thick.

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 1

2. Use a 4” circle cookie cutter to cut circles from your dough, then transfer them to a baking pan that’s been lightly treated with cooking spray.

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 2

Roll the excess dough back up, pat out, and repeat the process until you’ve made circles from all of your dough. I usually cut 12-14 dough circles, depending on the variation in the thickness of my dough.

3. Add about a tablespoon of your burger mixture to each dough circle, then place a pickle chip on top. Tip: Instead of putting the mixture right in the middle of the dough, cheat it to one side a bit. This will make it easier to fold the dough over later.

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 3

4. Fold one side of the dough over to create a half circle shape:

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 4

5. Press and seal the edges of the turnover together with your fingers, then flute with a fork. (You can treat the fork with a bit of cooking spray first if you find that it’s sticking to the dough too much.)

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 5

6. Brush the turnovers with an egg wash (or a milk wash):

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 6

7. Sprinkle the turnovers with a bit of cheese, then pop them in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 7

8. Remove them from the oven, let cool, and enjoy!

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 8

Flatbread Turnovers Tutorial - Step 9


Serving Idea:

For game day parties, don’t forget to add some fun toppers before serving. To make the toppers shown here, just download my free printable pennant flags, glue them to toothpicks, and you’re good to go! (For anytime football parties, check out the pennant flag toppers from my original post instead.)

Free Printable Game Day Food Toppers


Happy football weekend! If you’re on the hunt for inspiration, check out more of my football party ideas and recipes right here.

Please note: These free printables – and this post – are courtesy of HWTM and are separate from my recent collaboration with Krusteaz!