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Cricut Explore Air 2 Wild Rose

Okay… real life #fearless moment here! 💪You don’t see me on this side of the camera very often because it really doesn’t come easy to me. I’m soooo much more comfortable staying “safely” on the other side of the lens. ;)

BUT… I have some fun news to share with you today that – in the spirit of this news – made me decide to stop listening to all those thoughts that hold me back and jump into the pics this morning. Here goes…

See this beautiful cutting machine in front of me? We are going to bring you some FUN together! This is the brand new Wild Rose Explore Air 2 by Cricut that’s available exclusively at JOANN for 2019. Cricut also has the Explore Air 2 in lots of other colors on their website.

Wild Rose + #Fearless

The color of this machine GORGEOUS, but there’s even more to love about the thought that went into developing it and what it represents… which is the spirit of entrepreneurship in women, being bold and #fearless with your creativity, and the empowering feeling that you really CAN create anything.

In other words, don’t be afraid of trying new projects or creative methods. Don’t let you’re fears get in the way of making that incredible piece of art or party atmosphere or home decor or clothing or (fill in the blank) that is specifically calling YOU.

Wild Rose Air 2 Projects

I will confess that I DEFINITELY struggle with making the time to learn or try something new, even if it’s a creative tool that I know I will probably end up loving. Those “I don’t have enough time/head space right now to learn XYZ” thoughts impede me for sure. It never fails though, that once I sit down and learn the thing, I end up feeling so much more capable 🙌 and creative in general. It’s a great feeling when you realize “Okay… I CAN actually make the cool thing in my head or bring that idea to life!”.

That’s what the Wild Rose Air 2 is all about.

And speaking of making new things, you definitely won’t be alone…

Let’s Create Together

Cricut has also tapped 3 designers to help out along the way. They are: myself, illustrator Natalie Malan, and Tara Larson from Rad and Happy!

All 3 of us will be doing live events, developing project tutorials, AND launching “Designer Series” lines with Cricut – patterned papers, vinyls, and iron ons – that you can use to create awesome stuff! (The Designer Series lines will be available exclusively at JOANN as well.)

Natalie’s line comes out this month, Tara’s will be out in the summer, and mine will launch in the fall, just in time for LOTS of holiday fun! *wink, wink* I’ve been pouring myself in to these designs lately and hope they bring you tons of creative happiness later this year. 💖

Cricut Explore Air 2 Hashtags

Hashtag Fun

I also wanted to quickly mention the 5 gold vinyl hashtags that come with the Wild Rose Air 2 bundle, which are: #fearless, #boldandbeautiful, #original, #selfmade, and #momboss. The thought with these is that each person can pick which hashtag speaks to them the most, share it, and/or use it as encouragement. I love the idea of #fearless (which I’m holding above) – but there’s actually another one that I connected with the most… so a little more on that is coming next week. ;)

For full product details and highlights, check out the Wild Rose Explore Air Bundle over at Joann.com. P.S. A little birdie told me that it will be on sale soon!

Happy creating!!!

Cricut Explore Air 2 Wild Rose Bundle