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evil science collection with blue halloween ideas

Remember these printables from last year? Well… with all the glitzy ICY BLUE Halloween decorations I was seeing on my trips to HomeGoods I decided to switch the accent color to blue! It’s always fun & refreshing to try alternative color palettes for holidays, and I’m loving the black and blue trend for Halloween this year.


This inspirational “Evil Science” table features both decorative Halloween items from HomeGoods AND everyday items like pretty mercury glass and mirrored candlesticks for a glam party set-up with a touch of icy spook that kind of reminds me of a mad scientist’s laboratory!

zombie brains blue halloween printables

frankenstein statue

Meet Frank! Use Candlestick holders as pedestals for mini glitter skulls in blue to add a pop of color to your table.

zombie halloween party

blue halloween party

mummy halloween decoration

bird cage halloween decor

halloween skull decorations

Happy Halloween!


P.S. For a more traditional palette of black, orange, purple, & green – check out my recent Vintage Trick or Treat themed post.