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outdoor fiesta drinks table with big letter and cactus balloons

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, this Bright & Festive Fiesta Birthday Party by Juliet Boydstun of the COOP is the perfect source of inspiration if you’re thinking of throwing a little fiesta of your own! If you remember this Psychedelic Party from not too long ago, you’ll know that this is one Mom that is not afraid of DIY. From glittered limes to paper flowers and piñata confetti, no surface was left untouched! For more Cinco de Mayo inspiration, check out these other parties: here, here and here.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Día de los Muertos inspired decor like painted skulls & mustache, cactus & skull topped cupcakes
  • Sombrero wearing soda pop bottles + sombrero & piñata confetti decoration party favors bags
  • DIY candy Margarita glasses with a sprinkled ‘salt’ rim, gummy lime & cactus stem
  • Glittered ‘FIESTA’ letters & a “fiesta like there’s no mañana” party sign + mini maracas & piñatas
  • Colorful tulips, kumquat branches & succulents in bean cans + bright floral napkins & table runner

DIY candy margarita glasses with a sprinkled rim and gummy lime

dia de los muertos party decor

mexican fiesta birthday cupcakes

mexican fiesta cookies and sprinkled cake pops

fiesta birthday party ideas

soda pop bottle sombreros

pink and gold sombreros

mini piñata topped party favor jars

mexican piñata confetti decorated party favor bags

preteen birthday party activities


PARTY DETAILS as told by Juliet

My son Finn usually goes for a small sleepover at home for his birthday party. This is his last year in elementary school though, so I urged him to have a blow out with the whole class. He agreed and I set to work. I own the COOP in LA so the venue is always a no brainer for me (though it’s not always easy even for ME to score a party slot!!) I have a Taco vendor that I love so I said how bout “Finn’s Fiesta!” He reluctantly agreed (he’s not a showy kid — as I said, he’d prefer 2 friends at the house as opposed to shaking his maracas in a sombrero with his whole class… but I digress!!)

Here’s the thing that is so so fun about a FIESTA party — the COLOR!! I mean honestly, you can (and I did!) use just about every fabulous fun color you can imagine somewhere in a fiesta themed party! I went for it in the color and the GLITTER (naturally and as always!) department. I even glittered the giant balloons, which was a first for me and I LOVE how they turned out! I got the most fun, busy & colorful material I could find and used it for table runners and then just went crazy glittering limes and lemons & planting succulents and cactus in salsa tins. I also used bean cans for the flower arrangements.

A trip to Olvera street in LA scored me a few little skulls and Día de los Muertos trinkets. I artfully placed these goodies at varying heights (I love a pine box riser!) We also had mini Maracas on each place setting, sombreros on the sodas, paper flowers, garlands, glittered balloons and my hand painted brick background. I mean — this party was OTT! And so fun. The MOST fun element I thought was the Margarita glasses with cactus stems with candy sprinkled rims instead of salt, courtesy of some warm white chocolate and an extra large container of jimmies all over my kitchen the night before the party!

Everyone got sombreros, of course — the birthday boys momma (moi) and favorite baby sister got extra special hot pink and gold ones! I also hand made her the flower headdress (Frida-esque) with some silk flowers and hot glue on a stretchy headband.

We had gorgeous cupcakes created by Julie at Blue Cupcake, whose creations always steal the show — so gorgeous!! We Fiesta-ed like there was no Mañana… and I am so so happy my little boy got to have one last bash with his sweet elementary school friends!!!

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