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Plaid & Pine Outdoorsman Party {Camping Theme}

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outdoors inspired camping desserts table

I grew up going camping with my family every Summer, so it’s no wonder why I love this Plaid & Pine Outdoorsman Party from Abigail Barnes of Paper & Cake! Abigail’s family went to Green Valley Lake every Summer growing up and they’ve now started to continue that tradition with the youngest generation of their family. Besides what looks like a super fun vacation, I love the look of the rustic set up she’s created. Her adorable printables would be perfect for a campout party, boy or girl scout troop event, or even just an excuse to enjoy some quiet time outdoors with your loved ones.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Gummy Evergreen trees & delicious looking S’mores cookies, because what’s a campout without S’mores?!
  • Snacks perfect for powering hours of activity, like trail mix and chocolate dirt cakes
  • Explorer themed silhouette cupcake toppers: binoculars, campfire & a compass
  • Lots of fun activities like fishing, climbing, exploring & just goofing around in the great outdoors ;)

camping party printables and cupcakes

green sour gummy evergreen trees

family fishing at an outdoors lake party

green valley lake vacation and sign

outdoorsman party dessert table and thermos

homemade s'mores cookies

camping party circle printables topped chocolate mud cupcakes

party printables with plaid and trees

kids family photo at the cabin

PARTY DETAILS as told by Abigail

This outdoorsman set was inspired by Green Valley Lake, and my memories of this tiny little mountain town that our family vacationed in when I was young. We spent our Summers in our rustic cabin (the size of your bathroom) fishing, hiking, boating and building forts. My mom sent us kids out the door in the morning with a bottle of water, some sunscreen and a stick, not expecting to see us again until dusk when she rung the dinner bell off the back porch. It’s a place that hasn’t changed in 75 years and that I hold dear to my heart. Our family began to visit GVL again for Summer vacations since our kids are now the ages I was when I spent my Summers there. We spend a week, invite all the cousins, and basically kick the kids out in the morning, expecting them back in the evening.

I created this printable party set to celebrate love of the great Outdoors! The party kit highlights four components of being an Outdoorsman: Master Fisherman, Skilled Trailsman, Seasoned Birdwatcher and Accomplished Camper. We decorated for our annual GVL trip, and you can use it for your child’s birthday party, boy scout event, camping trip or any summer adventure — outside or indoors — with a nod to nature. Mountain scapes and tree skylines in brown and green, with a touch of plaid gives this party a rustic, outdoorsy feel.

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