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Du-na, Du-na, Du-na... que the dramatic Jaws music for this amazing Shark/Scuba Birthday Party by Abigail of Paper & Cake. Abigail took inspiration from her son’s new obsession – sharks – and created this ultra-creative & colorful birthday party!

A few of my favorite details include the homemade scuba tanks, the huge cardboard shark cutout in the front lawn, and the adorable felt shark fins that all the party-goers wore. I also LOVE the addition of the Scuba symbol… genius! The sand-and-sea-shell centerpiece and beach towel table runner were the perfect details to complete this party.

shark and scuba birthday party

Scuba Straws and Shark Tea

Read on for lots more colorful, creative photos & party details…

shark and scuba birthday party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Abigail

“For my son Jack’s 6th birthday party, he and I decided on a shark theme – mostly because he is completely obsessed with sharks and all things underwater. We decorated with a printable set, in addition to a couple of easy craft projects to turn the house and yard into shark infested waters.

Lucky for me, Jack is still a big fan of dress up, so we provided home made scuba tanks and shark fins along with dive masks, for all the kids – some even wore all 3 at the same time! Sharks and SCUBA divers roamed in and out, up the backyard climber and down, even to the SCUBA smoothie station inside. My patient husband made custom smoothies, topped with whip cream, for all who wanted them.

When you get a house full of 6 year old boys, they tend to have a LOT of energy, an obstacle course is just the cure for that. Line them all up outside, put a couple of 6 ft great white sharks made of cardboard in their way, and BAM! They will run themselves silly – and then some.”

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