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cinco de mayo party ideas - adults


HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! This post originally went live a couple weeks ago, but I couldn’t resist bumping it up to the top for today. Hope you’re enjoying margaritas with friends & family somewhere today…. cheers! :)


(original post) I have something fun to share with you today that’s definitely a departure from the norm… and I really hope it leaves you feeling INSPIRED to call up some friends and host a similar get together of your own. Inspiring celebration is definitely the most important takeaway from this experience – and the goal in sharing it – so I wanted to make sure to mention that tidbit up front. :)

SO… with that in mind, I’m excited to share a video that I participated in recently, followed by some behind the scenes on the video shoot itself, and helpful takeaways for planning your own Cinco de Mayo party (or anytime fiesta)! As a huge fan of Mexican food AND margaritas myself, I’m pretty much game for this kind of theme year ’round! How about you?



So to give you some background, a couple weeks ago I headed up to LA for a video shoot with some of my fellow Glam Media bloggers. I knew it sounded like it would be a cool experience based on the creative brief, but I still wasn’t 100% sure what to expect.

What it ended up being – was an insanely fun night of ‘”Besos and Margaritas“, with Sauza Tequila and a fabulous group of women bloggers you may already be familiar with: Jenny from Good, Bad, & Fab, Jillian of Catch My Party, Marisa of Margaritas in the Rain, Christi of Love from the Oven, and Candice from Fashionably Organized!

Sauza Blue Video Shoot - Party Guests

Everyone was so warm and welcoming, which instantly made for a great start to the shoot. Some of us were meeting in person for the first time, but by the end of the night (which wrapped close to midnight), everyone felt like old friends. It’s funny how a few hours of bonding over similar work/life experiences – and a few refills of margaritas – can do that!

Sauza®-Rita Recipe

We toasted with Sauza® Blue Sauza-Ritas to be specific, dined on delicious Mexican food (including mini churros for dessert!), got all dressed up, and gabbed about everything from blogging and technology to fashion and motherhood… in an amazing, straight-out-of-a-magazine house that had, drumroll please… a huge pool in the living room. Yes – a swimming pool! See, I can prove it:

indoor pool in the living room - LA home

Any thoughts the idea of a pool in the living room? My thoughts are: super cool for a minute, and then immediately a tad bit dangerous. Also the consistent humidity factor can make for a frustrating hair situation. While it made for a great conversation topic, we actually didn’t utilize the pool in the video – and surprisingly enough, no one utilized it UN-intentionally either, despite all the margaritas and heels. ;)

The house was also all decked out in colorful fiesta decor and string lights, which made the atmosphere feel even more cheery and beautiful. All in all, this was a very cool experience! And the cherry on top: a hotel room all to myself afterwards with none of the typical toddler wake up calls at 2, 3, and 4 am. Thank you, Sauza & Glam!


Here are a few more behind the scenes pics, most courtesy of Glam & the other ladies:

cinco de mayo video shoot

fiesta party

I love this tequila-bottle-necklace picture… and the pink/blue/orange necklace is the one that I wore. :)

fiesta fashion

Group shot outside at the end of the night! (Photo from Christi)

sauza video shoot

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and I really hope this video inspires you to host a girls night of your own! Whether it’s for May 5th or beyond, this kind of evening is actually easy to recreate at home (sans camera crew and pool in the living room, at least!). Here are a few simple, creative takeaways from this video shoot to assist with your own party planning adventures:


1. Display assorted succulents and cacti in recycled Mexican food cans
This is super easy and one of my favorite kinds of fiesta themed party decor! You can get small succulents and cactus plants at local nurseries or Home Depot, Ikea, etc. Just be careful when “potting” the cactus plants… I wasn’t paying close attention and got “stabbed” a few times while making these!

2. Serve Up the Sauza-Ritas
I love that there’s no blender required in this tasty margarita! Just Sauza® tequila, limeade, water, and light beer. Super easy to mix up & serve. You can download the drink menu I designed for this shoot right here.

3. String Papel Picado banners across the room
These beautiful & artistic banners will make it feel like a party instantly! The ones in the video are from Party City, but you can also buy them in bulk (and lots of fun colors) and Koyal Wholesale.

4. Use an eclectic mix of brightly colored vases, flowers and candles for a chic looking table centerpiece (as well as accent decor). I actually grabbed vases from different rooms in my house and office – Fiesta style parties have a lot of different colors, so you’ll usually have something that works!

5. Mood Lighting!
You can’t beat String lights and candlelight for setting the mood at a party – and this theme is particularly great when some of the candles are displayed in translucent votives or glasses.

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sauza tequila


He’s equally talented in the saving of lives and the ways of love. And best of all? He’s ready to pour you a Sauza-rita, and listen as you pour out your feelings. This perfect man is perfectly prepared to help make your ladies night unforgettably fun – with Sauza Blue, of course. Check us out at .


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