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Halloween Hostess Gift Idea

As I mentioned in the Hipster Halloween Friend Coke Bottles tutorial featured earlier today, what started out as that one project accidentally morphed into 2 while I was working on it… but I couldn’t resist sharing both, so here we got with Part 2!

For my creative collaboration with Coca-Cola this month, I planned to turn empty glass Coke bottles into fun Halloween decorations, as shown here. During the process of working on that post though, I realized that the printable character faces looked really cute on filled (and unpainted/untreated) Coke bottles as well, and that they would make for a cute “drinkable” homemade gift idea this way…

I fell in love with the idea of surprising a friend or co-worker with an icy cold “Halloween Coke Bottle Friend” that magically appeared on their desk/table – or greeting guests at a Halloween party with a whole crowd of these little “friends”. ;)


Since I get asked about creative hostess gift ideas quite often, I also designed some matching Halloween gift labels to put on the front of Coca-Cola six-pack carriers. (See first image, above… wouldn’t that be fun to take to a party?!) There’s a different label to coordinate with each character face. So, for example, the Vampire goes the label that reads “You look as THIRSTY as me. Drink up!


I also designed small tent card versions of the gift labels that can be paired with the bottles that are given as individual gifts:


You can place the tent cards next to the bottles, or cut them in half and use the front side “gift tag style” by punching a hole in the corner and tying it around the neck.



You’ll need:

  • Coca-Cola: individual glass bottles or six-pack carrier
  • Scissors (ideally small precision scissors)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Printable Halloween Character Faces & Matching Gift Labels


Download Link


1. Print and cut out the Halloween character faces.


2. Use a small dab of hot glue on the neck of a bottle to attach the character face. Hot glue is surprisingly easy to peel off of glass – especially when it’s cold! – so the recipient can remove the character face when they’re ready to drink the bottle. (I tested out peel-and-stick glue dots to attach the faces as well, but they quickly lose their stickiness when chilled in the fridge and won’t stick to glass with condensation, so hot glue worked best.)


3. Pair the bottle with its matching gift label. If you’re gifting a six-pack of Coke, use your hot glue gun to affix the label to the front of the carrier, like so:


Halloween Coke Bottle Gift


And for individual gift bottles, setting the matching tent cards next to them isn’t necessary, but sure adds a little extra something, don’tcha think? ;)


Hope you can make someone’s Halloween extra happy with these ideas! For the crafty decorative bottle idea that inspired this version, visit the original post here.


P.S. For more creative craft projects and recipes featuring Coca-Cola, visit them on Pinterest!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Coca-Cola. As always, all thoughts and designs are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that make it possible for me to keep the creative content coming your way!