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colorful birthday party

Hi! I’m Jessica Jones, a graphic designer with a blog called How About Orange, featuring lots of make-it-yourself projects. Awhile back I helped plan a “Colorful Birthday Party” for a friend. This included simple decorations and invitations I could print on my home inkjet printer. Imagining that other folks might find this useful, I’ve converted them into an editable PDF you can download here. Open the file in Adobe Reader (download it free right here if you need it) and edit the text fields to customize for your party. Print page one, flip the sheet over, print page two on the back, and slice the sheet into quarters. Insert into colored envelopes (A2 size is perfect) and you’re done.

You can print the flower pages (also in the pdf) double-sided, cut them out, and hang them in windows or doorways. Tape a series along a string to make a garland, or print them at a reduced size, laminate them with clear contact paper, trim, and you’ve got matching drink coasters.

izze soda

Be sure to provide plenty of brightly colored snacks and fruity drinks for the party! Use a bright table cloth and plates, a rainbow array of lit candles, and tell your guests to pull their red pantsuits out of the closet.

colorful birthday party

A playlist of songs with colors in the lyrics would be the icing on the cake: Pink Cadillac? Purple Rain? Yellow Submarine? Leave your suggestion in the comments!