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Crayon Birthday Party Rainbow Cake

Get ready to brighten up your day with a peek at this incredibly fun & colorful Crayon Themed Birthday Party that Lindi from Love The Day threw for her daughter, Ella, who happens to be a huge fan of… COLORING! :)

Everything about this party just over-the-rainbow creative…from the fabulous crayon cake, rainbow swirl cookies, and rainbow jello cups to the adorable hand-sewn decor by Lindi’s mom – including crayon pillows, crayon wands, tool belts & aprons for the kids, and more! I’m especially smitten with the adorable kids tablescape, which was set with the cutest rick-rack embellished placemats (also handmade), colorful craft kits for each of the kids, and personalized birthday hats topped with fluffy yarn poms.

Crayon Birthday Centerpieces and Apron

Rainbow Jello and Rainbow Marshmallow Pops

Read on for lots more colorful images + all the creative details…

Crayon Birthday Party Decorations and Cupcakes

Crayon Birthday Party Banner and Activities

Crayon Birthday Party Decorations and Cupcakes

Crayola Markers and Birthday Party Coloring Station

Crayon Birthday Party Hats and Activities

rainbow crayon birthday party kids table

Crayon Birthday Part Activity Station

rainbow polka dot crayon party favors and candy

rainbow crayon themed birthday cake

rainbow jello

rainbow crayon party cupcakes and cookies

rainbow crayon party cupcakes and favors

rainbow crayon party decorations and chocolates


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Lindi


“My sweet daughter Ella loves coloring. All day long she walks around with crayons in her hands and colors anything within reach (including the walls at times). For her second birthday I thought nothing could be more perfect than a crayon party to celebrate her sweet artistic spirit!

My mom and I decided to use the special occasion to launch our latest little project; a sister store SEW Love The Day managed by my talented mother.

SEW Love The Day is a collection of sewing patterns that match Love The Day party designs. For this crayon party my cute mom designed and sewed large crayon pillows, crayon wands, tool belts and aprons to hold each guests’ crayons, matching bows, place-mats and colorful crayon bunting.

In addition to all the fun sewn decorations, the party was adorned with primary and secondary colors. Each child represented a color and had an apron/tool belt, favor box, large candybar, drink, cupcake, party hat, cookie, marshmallow pop, crayon wand and crayon pillow in their respected color.

We had an amazing crayon cake by the talented Janell of One Sweet Slice  who also made crayon vanilla cupcakes. We also had fondant toppers by Sugar and Stripes Co and rainbow swirl cookies by Wacky Cookies along with rainbow jello and marshmallow pops!

Each child was given a favor box with Crayola markers, crayons, color pencils, paint, a ruler, a pad of paper, glue and a coordinating bag to take the goodies home in.

Throughout the night the children colored, glued, used stickers, and painted wood chips on large strips of butcher paper. We also died butterflies with food coloring & coffee filters.”

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