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Geometric Party Drink Station + Spring Birds

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When I was recently hired by Seagram’s Escapes to be part of their Keep it Colorful campaign for spring, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to dream up something fun and unexpected!

Spring party themes almost always have lots of flowers and whimsical, garden-style details, so I decided to try out a very modern and geometric spring look this time around, incorporating cute bird elements as a playful nod to the season. Speaking of cute birds, download a free printable of the “Birds of a feather CHEERS together” Drink Sign below!


I have a slight obsession with the combo of pink, orange, and green/mint right now, and just happened to stumble on the perfect backdrop element in those exact colors…. in the form of a geometric print shower curtain from Target! There are also plenty of pink and orange hued Seagram’s Escapes flavors that fit this palette perfectly, so I went with Wild Berries, Peach Fuzzy Navel, and Jamaican Me Happy… which definitely lives up to its name! ;)

Geometric Styled Drink Station - Pink Orange Mint


I love to approach styled drink stations as a combo of decoration and function – meaning they pull double duty as a focal point or “centerpiece” for your party, just like a styled dessert station would. And instead of trying to pile every drink option under the sun onto one styled table, which can get crowded very fast, you can make your life easier by narrowing the focus to a signature drink station. Everyday essentials like soda cans, water, and even extra cups can easily be stored in a nearby cooler, fridge, and/or bar cart to which your guests have easy access.

This signature drink station features colorful bottles of Seagrams Escapes + other juices and liquors. Guests can pick and choose from all the options on the table to whip up their own unique cocktail! I went with Peach Juice and Raspberry Lemonade for the mixer flavors here. See bottom of the post for suggested cocktail recipe combinations.

geometric party drinks + color-blocked bird


The color blocked bird and birdhouses pictured above started out as a plain cement bird (from the garden section at Target) and unfinished wooden birdhouses from Michaels. I loved their clean & modern silhouettes, and thought they’d fit into the theme nicely… once decked out with a little paint, of course. ;) I also spray painted a little plate holder stand silver and used it to hold the party straws.

My standard drink dispensers already have a nice geometric look to them… but I placed them inside wall cubes embellished with paper shapes for some added geometric flair. This also created a nice little haven for the beverage napkins. ;)

geometric party drink dispenser

pink orange mint party drinks

I used hexagon shaped craft punches in 2 different sizes to embellish the tissue tassel garland on the front of the table, and also to make paper tassels for the “SIPS” balloon letters hanging on the backdrop. The paper hexagons are attached to the table linen with 3D Zots, and the mini tissue tassel garland was made from a DIY tassel kit found at Michaels.

drink station backdrop + tablevogue cover

Speaking of the table linen – did you notice the cool corner accents that magically matched the backdrop? (See bottom right image, above) I used a Tablevogue cover for the linen here (in the 5-foot size), which has pleats in the corners that make this effect super easy to achieve. You can just tuck an extra strip of fabric into the pleats at the top, and voila – perfectly coordinating linen!

balloon dipped glasses + geometric birds

Last but not least, I can’t forget to mention the color-blocked glasses, which are actually embellished with… balloons! To make these, I just cut the “tail” off the balloon, turned the glasses upside down, and stretched the remaining portion of the balloon around the bottom of the glass. Such a quick and totally MESS-FREE way to get the fun color-blocked look! Hallelujah.


  •  8×10 Geometric Birds Drink Sign
  • “Sip and Stir” Mini Banner + Hexagon Labels

If you’d like to utilize these exact colors/flavors on your own drink station, here are the pairings I’d recommend for your guests. Of course, the beauty of a DIY drink station is that they can adjust the ratios of everything to their liking:

4 oz Seagram’s Esapes Wild Berries + 1 oz Vodka + 2 oz Raspberry Lemonade

4 oz Seagram’s Escapes Peach Fuzzy Navel + 1 oz Vodka + 2 oz Peach Juice

4 oz Seagram’s Escapes Jamaican Me Happy + 1 oz White Rum + 2 oz Raspberry Lemonade


Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post for Seagram’s Escapes. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make it possible for us to keep the creative content coming! :)