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fall dessert table

In the spirt of Halloween and Fall, Nichole Wardle designed a Crafty Fall Harvest Party. With gorgeous photos from friend, Erin of Erin McGinn Photography, the seasonal dessert table, kids activities and icons of fall look effortlessly beautiful!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Make Your Own Bird Feeder and Apple Stamp Crafts
– Potato Sack Races, “Don’t Fall On The Spiders” and “Eat The Donut” Games
– Fabric Bunting, Mummy Chocolate Bars, Bandana Wrapped Lunches & Apple Cider
– Pumpkin and Scarecrow Cake Pops + Corn and Fall Leaf Cookies

donut game

fall harvest party ideas

caramel cupcakes for a fall party


corn cookies


halloween costumes

arts and crafts


apple cider

pinecone craft

scarecrow cookies

potato sack racing


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Nichole

This was a fun party to celebrate all things fall.  My 2 year old thinks halloween is “scary” so this was more about fun and crafts.


– Make your own bird feeder (pinecones, peanut butter, birdseed, and string)
– Apple Stamps (I cut apples in half and let them dip in paint and stamp the paper)
– Put the Leaves on the Tree.  (we had a bare tree print out and lots of paints.  The kids used q-tips to put the leaves on the branches)\


– Eat the donuts (off the trees)
– Potato sock racing
– Don’t fall on the spiders. (a low balance beem that the kids would walk across.  Large spiders and webs were underneath)
– Ball Toss (into a jack-o-lanterns mouth)
– Bounce house with slide


– Brats, chili, & Local Beer for the adults
– Boxed lunches for the kids (PB&J, juice, pirate booty)

DIY Crafts:

– Buntings
– Spider lollipops
– Mummy chocolate bars
– Signage for games



– Desserts: Sweet Indulgence
– Photography: Erin McGinn Photography
– Rentals: Rentals Unlimited