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Monster High Party Ideas – Part 1: “Ghoul Time” Photo Booth & Activities!

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For the next few days, I’ll be sharing LOTS of Monster High Party Inspiration with you, and things are about to get freakishly FUN around here!

This “Freaky. Fab. Fun.” theme, which I designed for Mattel® as part of the #TRUBestBirthday campaign, has been so much fun to work on with all its bright colors and funky accessories… what’s not to love about celebrating with your Best Ghoul Friends, right? ;)


Right now my house is covered in fabric scraps, wax lips (adorned with fangs, of course!), and hot pink and blue “Detention Chains”… aka those DIY paper chains that we all used to make as kids.

Before we move onto the Monster High-themed desserts and party decor inspiration though, I’m excited to kick things off today with some “Ghoul Time” Activities! More specifically: a Ghoulish Glam Station, DIY Freaky Fab Photo Booth, and Purse Coloring + Nail Art activities. Here we go…

•  •  •  •  •  G H O U L I S H   G L A M   B E A U T Y   S T A T I O N  •  •  •  •  •


Greet your Monster High guests with a Ghoulishly Glam Beauty Station! Getting all dolled up (pun intended) is always a treat for the girls and makes for super fun after-party pics for parents too.

Have the girls pick their favorite Monster High doll or color for inspiration on their look (check out the Frankie Doll inspired design above!), then let them have fun playing with Monster High Hairfitti OR getting glammed up by a stylist. You can also do a little of both, like we did here. P.S. The “stylist” can always be a hired vendor or an extra fashionable family friend. ;)


A few bold hairstreaks and light, yet brightly colored makeup will go a long way. I especially loved the addition of little hearts and “stitches” that were painted on some of the girls:


High contrast, bright yellow hair streaks look super cute too!


And of course, pink lips and some little white fangs are instantly reminiscent of Draculaura. (You can find the Vinyl Collection Draculaura Figure right here.)


•  •  •  •  •  F R E A K Y   F A B   P H O T O   B O O T H  •  •  •  •  •


Once the girls are done with the beauty station, it’s time to capture some fun on camera. This Monster High inspired photo booth is actually very easy to set up, and it makes a big impact on your party photos!

I used an inexpensive backdrop stand in this example (which you can find online for as little as $39), but you can also simply attach the fabric to your wall using gaffer’s tape like I did in the recent Barbie party.

Once your fabric is hung, make several paper chains in Monster High colors of hot pink, blue, and black, then swag them from the fabric. I used safety pins and 3D glue dots to attach the chains here. Make sure to keep the look sort of half-hazard and imperfect… just like Monster High! (BTW – I purchased this black and white striped fabric from Ikea.)

Once the photo booth is ready, snap pics of the girls posing with their favorite dolls and just goofing around and having fun together (like in the very first image in this post!). I also love this “trio” shot with the Monster High Ghoulebrities dolls, which come in a set of 3:


This photo backdrop also makes for a great “gift opening” backdrop. It’s all about the fashionably fierce memories, after all. ;)



•  •  •  •  •  G E T   C R E A T I V E   W I T H   K I T S  •  •  •  •  •


This Monster High Color N Style Fashion Bag Activity was a big hit too, and I loved that the girls all wanted to color the same bag at once… they kind of turned it into a “group project”! The finished design would make for a great party keepsake for the birthday girl too.


We turned this Monster High Glitter Nail Design Kit into a “Claw Painting” activity as well – and it was seriously met with little screams of glee… which was very fitting, given the party theme! Just set all the pieces from the kit out in the center of the table, and let guests take turns painting their own – and each others’ – nails and decorating them with the black nail art pen and glitter.

The best thing about these kits is that they’re already themed to match the party and ready to go as far as the supplies are concerned… which means one less thing for the hostess to do. ;)

Stay tuned for more Monster High Party ideas later this evening!


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