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Welcome Neighbor Gift Basket with Free Printables

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As someone immersed in the world of party design, I’ve shared a lot of big, splashy merrymaking over the years here at HWTM, but you and I both know that some of the best moments in life aren’t necessarily “big” celebrations…

They can come in the form of uncontrollable belly laughs that happen when you’re hanging out with good friends, or in the feeling of excitement that happens when your project turns out extra-fantastic, or in unexpected gestures of kindness –  like when someone surprises you with just the right thing to brighten your day (more on this below).


With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in full swing and lots of talk about gold medals, I’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola on their #ThatsGold campaign to celebrate a different kind of gold… the everyday gold moments like the examples mentioned above.

Coca-Cola’s #ThatsGold campaign is shining a light on the everyday happy and humorous moments turned gold, and encouraging people to share them in order to inspire and spread happiness during the Olympic Games.

gold crystal Coca-Cola bottle

So here’s the deal:

1. I’m going to share a recent #ThatsGold moment of my own with you – something that happened amidst our long distance move this summer – and I’d love to also hear one from you!

2. Those of you that choose to share a #ThatsGold moment of your own can be entered to win a super sparkly and downright FABULOUS Coca-Cola bottle like the one that I’m holding above! It’s absolutely covered-to-the-bottle-cap in gorgeous crystals, and I’m SO EXCITED to have the opportunity to gift one of these to an HWTM reader. :)

Scroll down for details on how to enter at the bottom of this post. Entering is easy + you’ll be spreading happiness & positivity around with each entry, which is a win-win for all!

welcome neighbor basket at front door

My #ThatsGold Moment

A couple months ago, my family and I moved from San Diego, where I’ve lived for the past 20 years, back to the small town in northern California where I grew up. I’m not gonna lie – it was a hard move. Leaving close friends, the beautiful weather, the beautiful beach, and an incredible city all around. We had good reasons for moving though – the #1 being closeness to both of our immediate families… having kids has really amplified how much they – and we – are missing out on by living so far away from their grandparents and cousins.

Anyways, another positive aspect of the move is that one of my good friends from college lives in the same town. I haven’t been able to see her very often since college, but now she’s literally WALKING DISTANCE away from our house!

On our first day at the new place – when we were still exhausted from all the packing and driving and overwhelmed by the unpacking, I was feeling all kinds of emotional about the move. (#freakout) My friend suddenly showed up at my doorstep with the cutest “welcome to your new home!” gift basket, and I was just super touched by the thoughtfulness of this (very well timed!) gesture.

It just made me feel reassured that there were good things to come in this new chapter of life too, and… #ThatsGold!

I was also surprised by how much the items in the basket came in handy right away… like literally that day. So in addition to sharing this moment with you, I decided to design some printables and inspiration for others that are looking to welcome someone to their neighborhood… and create a #ThatsGold moment for them, too! ;)

Welcome Neighbor Gift Basket Printables

I’m a sucker for creative details of course, so I started off by designing a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” tag and matching printables to dress up the basket.

For the “basket” portion of this gift, I used an inexpensive utility bin, which can always come in handy for storage and organization later. Here’s what I put inside:

⁃    paper towels
⁃    napkins
⁃    disposable cups
⁃    ice-cold drinks: Coca-ColaCoca-Cola Zero
⁃    snacks (a sweet & salty trail mix)
⁃    hand sanitizer
⁃    hand soap
⁃    small coloring/pens set*

*I included this last item because the sidewalk chalk my friend had put in our basket was such a life saver for me with the kids! It’s always great to tailor any extra item(s) you include to the type of recipient: families with young kids, families with older kids, singles, couples, etc.

I also designed labels for the hand sanitizer, hand soap, and snacks to make everything coordinate. This is optional, of course… but it sure looks extra cute! ;)

Olympics themed Coca-Cola Cans

The most thoughtful item in the gift basket that I received was a list of recommended local favorites. I have already found my new hair dresser, dentist, favorite restaurant, and tons of local activities for my kids, thanks to this list! I designed a “Things We Love” printable for this new set, too. :)

Free Printable Things We Love Template for new neighbors

#ThatsGold Giveaway


1. Share one of your own #ThatsGold moments on social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) via a photo, video, or written comment. You can also enter via written comment on this post. We want to see or hear about a moment that made you feel happy and joyful! You can even use this giveaway as an excuse to create a brand NEW gold moment.

2. Include the hashtags #ThatsGold and #HWTMgold on your entries so they can be found. (Please also tag @CocaCola if space and social media platform allow).

Note: Feel free to tag anyone else that was part of your gold moment and deserves a special shoutout!


The (1) winner of the Gold Crystal Coca-Cola bottle will be randomly selected from all of the entries. I will also share my top 5 favorite entries in a follow-up post.

Please enter by 11:59pm on Monday, August 15. Good luck!

crystal Coke bottle

See more and tune into the Rio 2016 Olympic Games starting August 5 through August 21 only on NBC!


Disclosure: The Coca-Cola Company sponsored this post and provided the prize. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with the #ThatsGold project. As always, all thoughts and designs are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that make it possible for me to keep the creative content coming your way!