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Despicable Me Evil Minion 2nd Birthday {Terrible Twos}

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evil purple minion birthday cake

First off, I want to say a HUGE thank you for your kind words & support after our announcement last night. Making a big change is never easy, but it has been much easier knowing I have all of you behind me and HWTM. Like I said, although we are taking an indefinite break from accepting others’ parties, we are still honoring all of the parties already accepted (which will hopefully make the transition smoother for everyone) :). So without further ado…

Drexelle Park of D. Park Photography is back with another amazing birthday party! (We featured the adorable Dumbo-themed first birthday party for her son, Knightly, a while back.) Now entering his (terrible) twos, they decided to celebrate with a crazy-adorable Despicable Me Evil Minion 2nd Birthday, which was fabulously styled by Wendy Allen and just looks like a good time all around! Rather than the traditional yellow Minions, this party featured their evil twin — the purple Monster Minions (which can be found poking around every corner of this party). I just love when you can feel all of the love & warmth coming through the photos… scroll down to see what I mean!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Evil Minion silhouette & striped popcorn box centerpieces + adorable custom Evil Minion pillows
  • Purple Minion beach balls & hanging tissue poms + purple table cloths & large paper ‘goggle’ table decor
  • DIY Evil Minion construction helmets with yarn hair & googly eyes + birthday overalls & purple Minion shirt
  • Purple minion eye cake with Evil Minion topper + a “normal” yellow Minion smash cake

evil minion terrible two birthday party photo shoot

purple minion despicable me birthday party decor

DIY evil minion construction helmets

despicable me evil minion centerpiece

purple minion birthday party setup

purple minion balloons

evil minion birthday party decor ideas

minion birthday smash cake

evil minion second birthday party

PARTY DETAILS as told by Drexelle

We couldn’t believe our son was already turning two. Terrible two. Transmutating from this cuddly marshmallow baby into a full grown…purple monster Minion. But a cute one at that.

We (and by we, I really mean me since David’s more like whatever you want babe haha) were racking our brains over what to do for his 2nd birthday. We had such a blast planning his 1st birthday: a Dumbo Inspired Down Syndrome Awareness Party. But then, it clicked!

We’re absolutely in love with the whole Despicable Me movie series. So as we watched the adorable yellow minions get transmutated into the monster crazy purple minions, we thought — that is perfect — THAT is turning two!!! Hence, Knightly’s 2nd birthday party theme was born.

As always, we fell in love with the modern purple minion inspired costume and outfit our FAVORITE baby stylist and designer, Mighty Mavericks, designed.

We also have to thank the AMAZINGLY talented Wendy Allen who made this party as perfect as it was. She planned and designed all the freakin’ adorable decor pieces and games that all his fellow two year olds loved! She had strewn minion beachballs ALL over the lawn so the toddlers/kids could just play and run around with them. They also doubled as minion birthday favors for each kid.

Fun Decor Pieces:

  • Minion balloons!
  • Adorable minion party centerpieces and heavyweights for the wind
  • AH MINION pillows made for the chairs!
  • She hid little purple minion decorative pieces throughout the party room!
  • A baby pool ball pit with minion balls for the toddlers
  • Minion party photo booth
  • Minion costume helmets from Mighty Mavericks
  • And purple hair spray for the guests from Party City!

We were excited to have Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar from the Anaheim Packing District come and cater their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches — which are DELICIOUS enough for foodies but also the perfect kid birthday party food! They created a custom birthday party menu just for us. Our FAVORITE was the Number One: Cypress Grove Fromage Blanc, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Tomato, Arugula + Pesto!

And last, but not least, the incredible Despicable Me 2 Purple Monster Minion birthday cake and smash cake designed by the awesome Final Touch Bakery! We had a post cake smash monster mess…but an incredibly blessed time.

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    Despicable Me Evil Minion 2nd Birthday {Terrible Twos} http://t.co/TiJo2SqCNg

  2. MK October 19, 2014 at 5:55 am

    Oh my God! I want a Birthday Party like this one!!!

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