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crepe paper and tissue paper carrot diy tutorial

With only a few simple materials like your household glue gun + scissors, these Crepe Paper Carrots (as seen in my daughter’s Snow Bunny First Birthday) are super simple and would be a creative addition to any Bunny Rabbit Theme or Easter Party! We used them as frame embellishments, as part of the dessert table backdrop, on sticks “sprouting” from mason jars, and scattered around the house for accent decor, but you can use them however you like! ;)

carrot crepe paper tutorial


Adapted From: Martha Stewart


carrot diy materials hwtm

  • Orange crepe paper
  • Green tissue paper
  • Leaf Template
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Step by Step Instructions:

paper carrot diy step 1

paper carrot diy step 2

1. Roll up the crepe paper until it reaches approximately one inch in diameter.

paper carrot diy step 3

2. Gently pull out from the center while holding the other end to create the foundation of your carrot shape.

paper carrot diy step 4

3. Loosely wrap the crepe paper around your ‘carrot foundation’ to form an organic carrot shape. When you have reached your desired size, work the streamer to the top of the carrot, then cut the streamer. Tuck the end of the paper down into the top.

paper carrot diy step 5

3. Use the leaf template as a guide to cut out the green tissue paper leaves. Twist the bottom together.

paper carrot diy step 6

4. Crumple up a small piece of crepe paper and insert it into the top of the carrot (This will help fill out the top). Use the hot glue gun to place the green tissue paper leaves inside. And tah dah, you have a freshly crafted carrot!

carrot diy tutorial

snow bunny carrot tutorial