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{Go Bananas!} Awesome Disco Monkey Birthday Party

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disco ball monkey themed birthday party

As usual, Juliet Boydston, owner of the COOP in LA, absolutely smashed this one out of the park! I always love her parties because she pulls inspiration from so many different places and still manages to keep everything cohesive. For his 12th birthday, the birthday boy did not want a party theme, much to his momma’s chagrin! ;) SO… she followed his lead (and Instagram name) and created this Disco Monkey Birthday Party filled with vibrant pop-art polka dots, glittering disco balls, TONS of bananas & plenty of monkeying around. Feast your eyes on all of the amazing details below…

P.S. Juliet writes some of the best party details, so be sure to check those out (directly below the images) for an inside peek into her creative genius!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Glittered and mirrored vases, drink bottles, and letters + “LETS GO BANANAS” silver balloons
  • DIY sparkly-headphone-wearing monkey backdrop with an awesome painted banana smile
  • Giant inflatable bananas for extra fun on the dance floor and in the ball pit!
  • Party table piled high with bananas & disco balls + a sparkly “12”-topped drip cake in the middle
  • Disco ball cupcake toppers, sprinkled banana skewers, and monkey party glasses for all!

birthday party confetti poppers

monkey party glasses

disco ball topped birthday cake

disco ball topped cupcakes

banana themed dessert table

donut drink skewes

disco ball straws

monkeying around teen birthday party

confetti decorated party hats

DIY monkey backdrop

velcro wall jump house

birthday party bounce house and ball pit

banana themed teen birthday party

PARTY DETAILS, as told by Juliet…

I own the COOP in Los Angeles so luckily for me I never have to search for the perfect venue for my kids’ parties. This year, my middle son, Grant, turned 12. He is an amazingly funny kid who has lots of friends so he for SURE wanted a party — but he did NOT want a THEME to his party! Read that again folks — he told his party planning momma NO THEME!!??? Well, obviously I had to oblige somewhat but I simply could not NOT decorate the space in some cool fun way. So I though about cool things I could do for the older crowd.

Confetti poppers have been a big hit since I got them for my daughters party years ago so I knew he would want those. I toyed with the idea of a confetti popper party, but my STAY WILD party for my daughter had already incorporated a lot of confetti and my biz partner already did a fab confetti party for her kids so I quickly moved off that idea. I was kind of at a loss and pressed for time when it hit me — DISCO MONKEY!!!! That’s the birthday boy’s Instagram handle, so I immediately had a vision of a main table piled high with bananas and disco balls and I ran with it!

He’s 12 so I didn’t want anything too “little’ — I just wanted a fun, bright, vibrant party. The Velvet Underground poster hanging in his bedroom gave me more inspo with it’s Andy Warhol Banana image. I went to work hand painting my version of that pop icon all over plain white canvas for the table cloths and the big banana over the treat table. I actually pulled this party together in less than a week so I reused some of the elements from the STAY WILD party. I pulled her confetti dipped paper hats, added freshly painted bananas to the front and VOILA! Disco Monkey party hats!

Sticking with the Andy Warhol vibe, I went with a cool black and white dotted material as the backdrop on the wall — it seemed pop artsy and cool and I love the black, white, yellow and disco balls color scheme! On either side of the painted banana, I used balloons to spell out LET’S GET BANANAS as sort of the party battle cry! I designed and painted a monkey wearing headphones (with a banana smile which I L O V E D) for the outdoor area and placed him on a cool ribbon backdrop I made. This one is different than our usual ribbon backdrops in that it has a lot more depth because the ribbons are tied not just from one rope, and though it took a LOT more time to make, I really love how it turned out. It made for a great spot for the kids to pop their poppers and get their pics taken. That pic of all those happy tweenagers is one of my all time favorites.

I hand dipped and sprinkled frozen bananas and waffle cone cups filled with fruit for the treat table, added disco balls to some mini cupcakes and skewered some mini sprinkle donuts with disco ball topped skewers for the treat table. All those treats, some beautiful bright flowers in mirrored disco vases and the repurposed party hats made for a fun and bright treats table. The main table was piled with a banana and disco ball table “runner,” which as I said, was the original inspiration for the whole party. And as a bonus, everyone went home with at least 2 bunches of bananas at the end of the party!

The amaaaaaazing Julie from Blue Cupcake made that delicious and gorgeous chocolate drizzled cake that I added disco balls, a mylar balloon and a hand glittered #12 candle to, which made it totally over the top fabulous for the center of the main table!!!

I always like to add a decorative element on top of each place setting, so I found these super cute monkey sunnies that I laid atop a pile of candied bananas (I used these to decorate the cupcake platters as well). All this fun stuff combined with that inflatable velcro wall outside made for a pretty spectacular personalized (not themed!) birthday party for my 12 year old Disco Monkey!





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  1. @clubwedd July 12, 2016 at 10:31 am

    {Go Bananas!} Awesome Disco Monkey Birthday Party: Hostess with the Mostess®

    As usual, Juliet Boydston, owne… https://t.co/ubdcZSmUmt

  2. Juliet Ward Boydstun July 19, 2016 at 3:32 am

    Thanks so much Jenn for the feature! This was a really fun party! xoxo

  3. Katie Dillman July 22, 2016 at 7:27 am

    It’s not a party until there is confetti to clean up. Love this idea!

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